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Autumn with a good selection, foot flat still high

Casual pants has always been a must in the wardrobe of a single product, with any clothes are always out of time to wear law. This high waist casual pants version is very positive, autumn with a nice puma sandals short sweater, easy to wear a new height. Sweater is a very worthwhile investment in autumn single product, can take into account the fashion and comfort. Tide women of course have to be a loyal fan of the sweater friends. Skirt up the Department of wear easy to pull out a new height, especially for their legs are not satisfied with the sister. Short paragraph puma shoes sweater gives the impression that cheap puma shoes the movement of puma slippers the wind, with the skirt will appear to be more soft, there is a rigid and soft fashion sense. On their own legs have confidence in the little fairy is very suitable for such a match, can be said to be very nice. Sweater selection of skin-friendly fabric, upper body comfort is not tight. Chest printed with a stylish black letter printing, with a simple skirt, to play their own legs advantage, walking on the road is full of suction. Skirt with black and white hit the color of the bright line decoration to outline the outline, when the neat white stitch even through the fabric of the moment, really touched the heartstrings. Free with short paragraph sweater, easy to wear large long legs.

Sweater is very suitable for very fat sister, cover the meat was thin effect is particularly good. Sleeves sleeves do not pick the body, good wear unfettered, drape is also better. With high waist pants, tall figure show out. Height is not the advantage of the sister with such a match, can help you quietly grow taller ~ easily show their own autumn style, big legs show out. No sweater is not complete autumn, short sweater with a high waist is expected to fall with a beautiful eye with a beautiful.