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Black shoes and white shoes, good shoes to help you find your sister

Often see some wedding video, will take a close-up of the groom and the bride's shoes, this is why? Of course, it means that you love each other in your life and go together to get older. Because there is such a layer of meaning, so Xiaobian has always felt that the choice of shoes is a very important thing. Some sisters will run over to drink water because of her boyfriend's sweat. She does not want to fall in love even when she sees her big nostrils. A seemingly male person, when you are preparing to send him an infinite feminine breath, a pair of ugly and ugly shoes appear, and the story ends. In addition puma slippers to clean wear, footwear is the embodiment of taste, if you do not have the right choice to wear it, or why there are so many types of male bankruptcy but also puma shoes for men collect a variety of good shoes. As a puma store fashionable shoe for the footwear industry, there is no need to complain about the fiery degree of small white shoes. However, in addition to casual white shoes, there are also several facades in the army of white shoes. Small white shoes are very good, but if you want to be a little formal and will not give people too much to suppress too serious feeling, a pair of white shoes with a little British style is also a good choice. As a tidal boy, a pair of sports shoes that are very IN but not easy to hit the shoes will let others feel good taste at first glance.

There are many small white shoes that are comfortable and comfortable. If you want to wear this kind of fashion, you don't have to worry about bad streets. Leather white shoes are very good. The more elegant selection, the material into a leather, on the one hand soft and breathable, on the one hand also appears less casual, more temperament. A black circle around the shoes adds a bright spot to the white shoes. Soft and cowhide fabric, comfort and breathability are all taken into consideration. A wax-lace shoelace design on the back of the shoe injects a casual scent into the footwear. The heel's matching color strips are concise and atmospheric. If white shoes give people the feeling of leisure and casualness, then I think that because of the mystic atmosphere inherent in black, it always gives people a feeling of more personality and more neatness. Wear it on your feet, and all styles can withstand it. At the same time, black puma store shoes are also ever-changing, full of British gentleman temperament carved shoes, very casual casual beans shoes, as well as wear out the juvenile personality shoes ... ... can make black display their own charm.