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Choose a pair of cool sandals and cool one summer!

The arrival of summer always puma shoes makes us at a loss, and we have to show our feet when we go out, because it is too hot. The shoes are good to wear, comfortable to look at your own feelings. Today, Xiao Bian specially designed a new style of sandals for Amway, allowing you to spend the summer in comfort. The crystal glass decoration on the herringbone upper is crystal clear, and the drop-shaped ABS pearls below can be used to decorate the foot shape so that the delicate feet can look better and slender, which is very revealing of the wearer's temperament. . The use of high-quality ultra-fine fiber material, made puma store of herringbone uppers, simple design, but can highlight the puma outlet more sexy side of women. puma running shoes The production inside is still important, and it is also good to look at it. The high-quality, ultra-fine interior is selected to create breathability, no damage to the skin, no wrinkles, and no fading. It is more important to fit the feet and the feet are comfortable and soft.

Made of soft rubber 1CM soles, it is comfortable to wear, and fits the design of the fabric and uniform color, comfortable and versatile. The use of high-quality rubber, non-slip texture, comfortable and lightweight, with good flexibility and elasticity, can effectively alleviate the impact of the ground. With: Bohemian style, but very wild, long skirts, shorts are OK