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Cool fit feet of sandals where to find? it's here!

I believe a lot of girls and Xiao Bian, heel is not fit shoes are full of scars, so that is really not beautiful, but also very painful Oh. Especially in the summer, we all do not wear socks, barefoot shoes are easily worn by shoes, serious time can be filled with full of blood it All strange shoes is not good, this is not posted paste paste can solve the problem Oh, have a pair of good sandals. Summer is to go out of the season, but the weather is hot, the feet are easy to sweat, when it comes to this, this is not only uncomfortable, but also easy foot odor Oh, so ah, a pair of cool and comfortable sandals can not be less Oh. Compared to the Baotou sandals, open toe sandals can be cool and more, and more temperament, it will become even more feminine Oh, at the same time to the footsteps of breathable environment, is not easy to produce sweat friends, every day fragrant. In addition to the puma sneakers design of the toe, shoes pocket design is where we should be concerned cheap puma shoes about. Xiaobian tell you, the word buckle is popular summer sandals design, simple and generous design, but it is very classic style, super nice it.

Can control the high heels of girls may wish to try out the instep and exposed toe fine with high heels sandals Oh, was tall and thin, the key is still wild, and all summer with super perfect, give you a cool shine summer Oh Exposed feet and exposed toe sandals are super-temperament Oh, simple colors and styles, then very sense of design Oh, cross the word with a button is very careful Oh, super good look na. Rome cheap puma shoes word buckle sandals. Very simple style of the atmosphere Oh, the word buckle and open toe design allows you to show good-looking feet, very long legs Oh, in the design can also make you pull high height, looks thin and high Oh. The word buckle under the very simple, but the more simple the more easy to achieve classic, can not help but wear off, and fashionable temperament, build your personal gas field to rely on it Oh. Very delicate under the Oh, the shoes of the bottom of the bottom are carried out skin treatment, wearing a super experience, Lippi is the first layer of pigskin, the texture is very soft, not easy to wear feet, wearing a special comfortable Oh.