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Different clothes with different shoes, so take it really can go out?

Cold air quietly struck, feeling yesterday or a big summer, today into the late autumn. Everyone said that the fall is a chaotic dress season, what a small suit, denim clothing, leather jackets, sweater have moved to the fashion arena, but no matter what kind of match, have to choose a pair of shoes corresponding. Autumn essential shoes must not be short boots, with it puma shoes for women with a cardigan sweater jacket and short skirts or shorts, with a sense of free and easy, and with a skirt on the more elegant and more feminine taste. But also with windbreaker and tight jeans, looks reckless yet fashionable. Flat shoes is also a very high fashion wearing a fall style, a dress in autumn, a pair of thin stockings, a pair of flat shoes and carry a small jacket, you can go out to the United States and the United States.

Into the autumn a pair of small white shoes essential! Elegance is no longer the privilege of high heels. Just as Leonardo da Vinci's famous words "You are looking for the brilliant colors, always based on a pure white bedding." A pair of "white" will be able to sweep the streets, jeans, casual pants, coats, skirts ... ... no It puma sale is uncertain! Xiaobian recommended several autumn shoes below to see if you like it? Short boots for the single layer belongs to the basic section of the fall, the design of the use of sharp rough with the proportion of high legs to create charming long legs. Very suitable for with sweater shorts and leather jeans series. Fashion people have loved Martin boots since several years into the fashion arena out of control, become the originator of the street. With jeans wear fashion handsome appearance, even if the foot becomes very old is still able to retro fashion, whether with a skirt or pants can highlight the rough handsome style. Bullock retro puma outlet style lace thick soled shoes, elastic design easy to wear off, the leather is more soft to wear uncomfortable feet, the bottom there are non-slip design walking also feel at ease, with uniforms plus short skirt youth vitality of the British wind came out.

Wild models of flat shoes, whether it is with pants shorts skirt skirt can hold live, said absolutely wild that is not blowing, black leather dirty easy to clean, cortex and soft and bright, very Western style. Suitable for lazy wild little white shoes, clean up like no canvas shoes so much trouble, and it is white and peace of mind wild models, with what are good-looking, but also good care, the best point is the soles of super soft.