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Fashion reincarnation, the same is the favorite little white shoes!

Small white shoes swept for several quarters, regardless of spring and autumn and winter, really is really wild ah! If you have not finished it, Summer will be full of vitality, small white shoes are wearing it! US skirt T-shirt pants have to get up! As the starting rate and the appearance of a very high base of a single product, the trend of puma shoes for men small white shoes is still continuing! Every year there are hundreds puma sandals of small white shoes again, the classic wild not from the fashion, Comfortable! Regardless of what season, have its shadow, can always be mixed with puma shoes for women fashion charm, anyway, is also with a variety of clothes are very harmonious. Leather round head board shoes with the first layer of cowhide, good cowhide see, pig leather insole with 0.5 cm good thin cotton, soft rubber outsole, enough comfortable, pigskin has thick pores, breathable Kang, weather Heat, no longer sweaty feet, refused to cover their feet, followed by fashion five-pointed star design, enough tide! Small white shoes uppers with a high quality of the fabric, soft and breathable, very comfortable feet, stylish and comfortable inside design, soft texture, comfortable to wear, will not let the feet hot, using the Velcro design, No matter what the foot type is very suitable.

Casual shoes with this casual shoes can be said that this year's creative casual shoes. The fabric is made of silk and silk. Silk silk sense of the upper, luster moist and delicate, burr design full rate. Plus a wear effect of the satin edge, giving a sense of regret beauty. Wild little white shoes is the first wild, what can wear it can choose it, all can hold live, the upper is the lace design, not monotonous, simple and good-looking, but also very casual, although the flat, But the soles will not be flat, is just the kind of good, so short baby do not have to worry about! White wild shoes PU + net yarn, round toe design, round shoe last, with anti-collision, easy to clean and other functions, personality trends, wearing comfort. Shoes with classic lace design, stylish elegance, convenient and comfortable, giving the feeling of generous, comfortable shoes focus on the inside, comfortable, soft, breathable. Literary and white shoes looking for a long time, and finally found a dream of small white shoes, white shoes, but revealing full of literary temperament, whatever with what will suddenly appear very temperament, simple and stylish ~ and wild On the occasion of a young woman!