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Flat shoes with N kinds of skills Stylish and high must be so beautiful

When it comes to flat shoes, people first impression is omfort? It may not be as clear as high-heeled shoes, but as long as the flats match well, it can be both stylish puma sneakers and high. So how do women wear flat shoes? How do you wear long flat shoes? The following small series introduces you to several flat shoes with the skills, and how to wear flat shoes on different occasions look good, so you puma shoes for men can easily GET new skills, will wear plain flat shoes out of color! Wearing flat shoes to wear a good figure, with a short skirt or shorts must be a wise choice, because the shorter the skirt or pants, the more exposed legs, the visual will look higher. Choose a pair of high-top canvas shoes, coupled with a pleated shorts or denim shorts, absolutely full of college style, full of confidence in the wearer's sunshine and youthfulness, is very suitable for girls to wear on campus, where to go with a Shares youth and vitality. I believe that some girls like to wear long skirts, in fact, long skirts can also be used with flat shoes, but need to pay attention to is that try to choose H-shaped long skirt and avoid A-type umbrella skirt, because the umbrella skirt due to its pendulum, will make people's attention center of gravity Move down so that it looks short, and H-type dress will give people a more slender feel. When traveling on holiday, you can choose a pair of small white shoes or flat sandals, coupled with a package hip skirt, a good display of leisure and comfort, it is in line with leisure and comfortable mood.

Flat shoes and ultimately with the matching of trousers, Xiaobian recommend the selection of pants, so that there will be a certain space between the heel and trousers, will be more leg-slim and slender, but also very stylish to wear Oh. As a working woman, if wearing tired high heels, may wish to change a pair of flat-bottomed shoes, bow uppers or fashion tips, you can also show your elegant temperament perfectly, of course, in more formal occasions or try to wear high heels. For the busy office workers, the practicality and comfort of shoes are more important than fashion, especially when you often go out to see customers and other foot activities, high-heeled shoes are not everyone can control. Get it! In fact, a pair of pointed flats with a temperament dress can also highlight the charm of professional women.