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From girls to women, only a pair of high heels

There is such a sentence: 20-year-old can not afford to wear high heels bitter, maybe after really say hello with high heels. When wearing high heel shoes for the first time, you may find it uncomfortable to walk and feel a particularly painful foot. But when you "boil" after that period, you will find that they actually like to wear high heels. High heels can be said to give people a transformation of temperament upgrade. From girls to women, only a pair of high heels. The same skirt, with high heels and white shoes effect is completely different. The former is more small and fresh, while the latter is more feminine. At the moment of wearing high heels, looking at yourself in the mirror, you will find yourself suddenly becoming more mature. This is the magic of high heels. Color design with suede fabric choice, so that the entire shoe to show a very elegant temperament. Stiletto design more able to highlight the feminine. Pointed toe design can be more modified foot, very wild a high heels. A highlight of a single shoe is its rivet design. A piece of rivets designed to make the whole shoe look more beautiful. Inside the use of high-quality PU, looks more texture. Simple and personalized toe design, neat, simple yet elegant.

High heels made of fine sheepskin, flexible and comfortable, delicate touch, comfortable breathable, durable, taste high-end. Perfect glass with the design, sexy and generous, sharing the weight of the average, no matter how long wear are more comfortable and safe. Very simple design of a high heels. Pointed toe design with stiletto design, put on more feminine, highlights puma sneakers the elegance. Very wild a shoes, shallow mouth design can better modify foot, really good oh. Featured high-quality fabrics, after dozens of processing procedures, so that shoes show a better quality. Fashion shoes, revealing the pursuit of women on the United States. Moisture absorption of high-quality sweat inside, can keep your feet clean and dry, effectively ease the fatigue of walking. Mary Jane in the fashion trend to own their own place, whether it is childhood feeling or vintage flavor is full. Features square design, standard metal buckle fusion of modern elements, demonstrate the simple atmosphere of the range of children to meet the new modern women's pursuit of personality style, including the pursuit of the health puma store of life.

Vamp is the first layer of leather design, soft and smooth, clear and delicate skin texture, texture and flexibility. Non-slip rubber outsole, both cloudy and sunny weather can adapt to the middle part of the human body close to the flat foot design, more scientific, prominent humanity. Delicate small pointed design, very elegant gesture. A very innovative design of new puma shoes a high heels. Suede puma shoes for women vamp design makes the entire shoe look more textured. Bow back tether design even more sweet temperament. Rough with the design, grip more stable. Color design is also a very versatile shoes, very obvious temperament Oh.