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From sweet to cool handsome, from the workplace to vacation, a pair of shoes is enough

It is more comfortable than high heels, lighter than the boots, than the shoes have a type, can be equipped with the workplace, you can also travel on vacation, and all year round can wear, so it is enduring classic shoes. It is suitable for wearing Oxford shoes, take a look at how to choose Oxford shoes: Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, Bullock, always silly can not tell? Oxford shoes in English called Oxford Shoes, originated in Scotland and England folk, but really popular from the 17th century as the British Oxford University men's uniform shoes began, so it is simply called Oxford shoes. After so many years, Oxford shoes have become a classic, has become a symbol of England and a gentleman's logo. Prince William also wears it in public. Small George feet is Oxford shoes ~ Oxford shoes is actually developed from the male uniform shoes, but now has become a fashion circle icon people feet a pair of shoes. No matter what style of fashion fine, shoe and ultimately a pair of Oxford shoes. So, no matter what kind of dress style you are worth a pair of Oxford puma shoes for women shoes. puma sneakers Because it is very wild shoes, basically can be with any clothes. But different styles of people choose Oxford shoes, the most critical is the election of color and detail.

Black models Oxford shoes to wear the most people, because it can effortlessly create a handsome tough neutral temperament, and those neatly simple neutral tone of a single product is consistent. For example, it can be perfect to bring out the motorcycle leather sharp puma shoes for women and tough, handsome no friends. Piercing with the feeling of comfort, as long as a pair of Oxford shoes to get, with BF denim jacket, suit coat are nothing. Fashion fine also like to use Oxford shoes with a different style of a single product, the formation of contrast. Skirt fitted with Oxford shoes, so you both feminine elegance, but also lean side. Brown Oxford shoes are also very classic, more ancient than black and academic school. This is one of my personal favorite Oxford shoes.