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It's best to wear nine pants this season, but do not let a pair of shoes ruin

No matter what version of the pants, nine-legged length of the leg are puma outlet first-class effect, nine pants just reveal a slim ankle, but also thin gold law. Another pantyhose there is another benefit, that is, it can show your beauty shoes. Nine points trousers with high heels has long been a sign of serious dress, and do not put it out of doors, wear the puma running shoes right can also be very personal. Girls of any height are suitable for nine pants + high heels combination, not only can be significantly higher, but also for daily wear to add aura. Not confident enough about my leg type? It does not matter, wear addictive design of this pair of jeans, make you relaxed fashion up ~ body wash to light blue base color design, fresh colors lively by age, such as the spring breeze, puma store sweeping summer heat , Stylish and beautiful. Trousers with open stitching stitching, pants, three-dimensional vivid lines in the middle, depending on the lining of the legs more slender slender; trousers rolled up revealing the inside of the flash, highlighting the uninhibited girls personality. Delicate compact pointed shoes, with the appearance of the white feet of shallow skin upper feet, modified feet while highlighting the elegant and sexy women; the overall color of the solid color, without any complicated color and decoration, the simple atmosphere with no monotonous Whether it is to attend the puma shoes for men banquet or daily wear are very temperament.

2018 is still the world of sports shoes, with nine-point jeans of the 80's retro style, comfortable and easy to manage, but also bring a retro and well-behaved effect of reducing age. No matter what kind of occasions, what kind of material, can be played with white shoes. Jeans, in fact, wear and never obsolete fashionable favorite by women, this jeans, denim blue as the main color, washed the old process to form a whitening texture, more chic stylish atmosphere; dark Spliced 鈥嬧€媡rousers at the edge of flash tassels decoration, showing a distinctive detail of the tide fan range. Nowadays, small white shoes are favored by women because of their strong wear. A small white shoes made of finely selected first layer of leather, the texture of the original well-preserved texture, highlight the atmospheric texture; leather insole, with non-slip soles , Let your footsteps with ease. The overall solid color design, to help the surface of the grainy to break the conventional, novel and chic; followed by the hit color pentagram signs, to show the fashion personality. In this warm and cold, want to warm and stylish, have to use nine pants with short boots were high, thin, stylish, what Han Shaotian! Make you very attractive in this spring! Mysterious and low-key quiet black color, the skin of women's skin white became flawless; comfortable foot care round head shoe last design, slender feet are caring and tolerant; crystal translucent Swarovski crystal beads, Bringing a bright visual sensory experience; a simple skirt with it, the overall reflect the sophisticated high street style.