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Like which shoes? Can see who you are

There is a saying: shoes are another face of a woman. Many girls like to buy all kinds of shoes. But you know what? How your character will actually be reflected from your favorite shoes style. Your personality mature and generous, like thinking, smart mind. Whether in life, or in the work are quite responsible and hard work on the people around things are relatively high, but because you want too many things, so sometimes because they can not meet and lose their temper. Often it seems easy to get along with you, in fact, will protect themselves, the alert heart is also very strong. Looks like it is easy and boys tied into a, in fact, you only put these boys as ordinary friends in general, but on their own like that one, will be more distance. You are quite confident of their own, like to show their own good puma store side. So your popularity is very good, a lot of friends, the opposite sex is also very interested in you. But sometimes your request for her boyfriend will be more hope that the views of each other with their own, and the personality is more stubborn, difficult to persuade. Choose new puma shoes this simple shape of your shoes, personality simple, sensitive, your family education rigorous, so you easily suppress their emotions. There may be more difficult to manage their parents, or learning, workplace atmosphere is more conservative, so your usual words and deeds tend to restrained. Petite you want to wear high heels afraid of the foot can not stand, then this kind of coarse heels most suitable for you, puma store the charm of the pointed, so that your feet look more skinny, beautiful, one will let you fall in love It, thick and high can bring you slender curves and elegant temperament, so that your little woman full of flavor.

The use of square head design of this pearl sandals, square head is this year's fashion style, coupled with the pearl decorated even more refined and elegant puma shoes sense, put on immediately enhance the temperament Oh Novel and with elegant temperament, easy to wear a sense of ladies.