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New Year wear new shoes, these new fashion you dare to wear it

Of course, shoes should wear new! Chick took a holistic view of the new trend of shoes under 2018 and found that this winter's new idea is really a lot! As practical is not practical, so bad to wear, depends on whether you have the courage Hold live! Not much faster on the car, take a look at this winter shoes new trick it ~ fashion circles are constantly refreshing us to eat the melon these people's aesthetic, this is not, "socks boots" this winter has become the fashion industry New darling. sock? boots? It turned out that socks different from the normal boot boots loose, socks, the advantage is that it is the same as with the socks close, so that it will wear the legs and ankle lines slender! Legs can not only stretch the leg was thin, more importantly, very puma sale warm. If you have not started, it is a bit out of yo ~ The most important winter boots this winter trend, is this socks and shoes into a sock style, so your ankle slender! Rough design, not too tired, black is also very wild color it.

The reason why socks quickly received the favor of fashion circles, socks boots because of the soft material, better reflect the sexy and feminine puma outlet women. Square head design is very retro, very delicate on the foot, the color choice is quite a lot of it. Yes, with plush decorative shoes, you can wear it down! And it has completely broken through the seasonal restrictions and becomes a single item that can be worn throughout the year. Stylish and elegant shoes, hairy fluffy embellishment, not only soft and comfortable, but also delicate and shiny hair, allowing you to distribute the elegant femininity. With the British atmosphere of Plaid, it highlights the temperament it. Soft matte leather surface, showing a delicate yet stylish texture. A little heel, giving a sense of slim. Which made the design of velvet inside, warm and comfortable, the word buckle design is also very stylish Oh! When sports shoes fall in love with sports socks, this beauty you appreciate it? Hong Kong really, sports socks boots really fire puma store now or not, it seems like the tide has been unanimously approved, in the fashion circles rapidly booming!

Tight socks can outline the slim ankle, be good to wear the advantage. And it also takes into account the comfort of sports shoes, the pursuit of casual girl who would not love it? Socks is a knee socks exercise Oh, the design of the boot on the more fit the legs, legs can make the skin look longer and thinner. This year popular in major shows, many stars are wearing it ~ the right stovepipe weapon!