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Plush shoes, care of your feet in the cold winter

Not only puma sale the weather to change, but also to change the shoes. Comfortable and trendy to wear Peas shoes is definitely your best choice for the season, which is low-key than high heels, but the texture is good, but also can be very sense of design, so you wear full personality. Peas shoes version of the shape is not subject to restrictions, but also a better match, looks younger and vibrant; hairy Peas shoes, both in the cold winter to protect your feet, fashion sense to mention. The smooth lines of the whole shoes enhance the beauty of the feet, not only pedicure and delicate; flat design, lightweight and comfortable, reducing the pressure of walking; hair ball decoration, highlighting a full sense of vitality. Using rabbit hair production, full of gorgeous luster, and the hair is fine, more texture; shoe body hit the color ribbon, combined with small bees metal decoration, delicate and stylish; a pedal design, it is lazy essential Oh.

Comfortable thick velvet inside, soft and comfortable, with stylish personality heel, simple personality, the process of walking will not be tired; uppers exquisite decorative metal buckle, is simply a fashion section of the necessary funds. Peas shoes with real rabbit hair production, very highlight the big sense of quality; upper is leather cow cashmere shoes, soft and comfortable, fit the foot; upper leather flower tassel pendant decoration, embellishing the whole, filling the atmosphere. Upper with a large fox fur material made, whether it is feel or texture are very good, very significant after the grade; comfortable wear-resistant rubber outsole, walking not tired; the overall is very fresh colors, breaking the autumn and winter Dull feeling. Upper with mink hair and will breathe dense velvet cloth splicing made of decorative belt, combined with the texture of metal, it is more simple and elegant atmosphere; a large brand of military green, making the overall a British style puma shoes for men retro tone.