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Put on Martin boots, let us look at your fashionable foundation!

I was not a fair-haired girl since I was a child, which is fully reflected in my wear. Ever since embarked on the punk line, it is gone forever on this road of no return. Martin boots in the early indeed as a soldier, police, etc. This type of work shoes need long-term outdoor workers. Because puma shoes for men of its unique design, comfortable to wear and convenient travel, for a time accepted by the majority of the world's fashion, promotion from the working class to become a standard fashion. By 1976, Martin boots completely pushed to the pinnacle of fashion, so Martin boots became unruly wind punk representatives. You may ask, Martin boots so neutral so cool, not really hard to hold this type of style. Guess you will have such concerns, then today I will talk about Martin boots with the style, this, I believe it will also stir up your determination to try Martin boots. Since Martin boots represent punk, then start with the punk wind. Leather, rivets, inadvertently torn stockings are punk look of the composition of elements, and Martin boots casual and uninhibited coincide. Want to easily challenge such cool style, you can try ALL BLACK or add some metal details in the details, then put on Martin boots perfect.

Martin boots was born in the United Kingdom, the British puma shoes for men style is naturally Martin boots, long term. Superior leather will be the perfect presentation of Oxford characteristics, low to help design and Oxford shoes have similarities and differences. Choose to be wearing lapel coat, wide-brimmed hat and scarf free combination, you can instantly create a sense of London's female gentry. Daily casual style can also rely on Martin boots to achieve, with random DNA, Martin boots, once encountered in denim sportswear, instantly be full of energy. In the choice of puma shoes for women underwear as narrow as possible on the narrow section, so as to form a contrast with the loose top, create a "narrow section on the money" ratio, even more slender legs. The same shuttle in the city office workers can also use Martin puma sale boots to wear a modern sense, as long as the overall shape with good, Martin boots also have the intellectual side. Long coat style is suitable for commuter environment, Martin boots also bring a steady and atmospheric. In addition to handsome, Martin boots, of course, have the character of tenderness. Want to wear a sweet Martin boots, a skirt is essential. The choice of skirts can boldly try Xianqi yarn skirts, the use of elegant skirts Martin boots boots tenderness, a static and dynamic more harmonious.