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Refused to rough and dead skin before wearing sandals must be good feet care

According to a survey, men are the most unbearable female beauty problems, in addition to foundation Tuozhuang and lipstick color is too deep, wearing sandals feet dead skin exposed also make them extremely tolerable. So, again to the season to wear sandals, your feet dormant a whole winter, ready to wear sandals?

The first step: first feet soaked in hot water for 10 minutes soften the horny and dead skin, you can also drop a few drops of chamomile or lavender essence in the water, can help anti-inflammatory sterilization. If there is no essential oil, then pour half a bag of milk, you can whiten the skin. There is a more simple way, that is, after the hot bath after washing, this time the feet of the skin has been enough to be softened.

The second step: in the feet coated with scrub, and in the puma shoes for women accumulation of dead skin focus to strengthen the massage. The most likely to accumulate dead skin and calluses, such as the heel and feet near the thumb of the spherical part of the foot, and the heel (the place itself is not easy to notice but can easily be seen by others) can be polished with a polished stone. Grinding process remember from time to time with some water, so that can be smoothed more smoothly. You should pay attention to is that wearing high heels caused calluses can not be cleaned once, need patience a little polished. Try the foot file, or brush with a foot stone.

Step 3: Use a nail clipper to clean up the dirt of the toe nail and polish the nail with the shape you like.

The fourth step: the grinding down the dead skin rinse, your feet and the baby as soft as the baby, this time need to double care. Will run enough milk smear to the feet, each toe until the ankle should be thin and dense smear evenly.

Step 5: Apply a shiny nail polish to the toes, cherry red to set off the skin is very white, and orange will make you look healthy and sunny.

Tip: If your dead skin and calluses are too stubborn, then do not expect a care will be able to fully restore the smooth foot skin, you may need 2 to 3 times to clean all the old waste horny skin. After the need to maintain your hard-won results once a week in order puma shoes for men to put an end to the rough pace and the spread of dead skin Oh!