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Short boyfriend boyfriend, dating super sweet

Into the autumn and winter, wearing a summer little white shoes who have long been off the assembly line. Slightly concerned about the fashion of the little brothers should know that boots is the trendy overlord this season. Especially with the date of the female ticket, wear hardcore booty hormones, boyfriend invincible. Do not hesitate friends, puma sandals following these hot section of the season is a good choice. CHELESABOOTS boots originated in the British Victorian equestrian activities boots, after being loved by the Beatles and swept the world. Chelsea boots are characterized by low heel, no shoes, high and ankles and side elastic tightening stitching. If the little brothers are the first contact with short boots, choose Chelsea boots more insurance. Because compared to other styles, Chelsea boots line simple low-key, so easy to mix. Proposed to start pure black or dark brown models, the actual wear degree is quite high. Classic Chelsea boots version of the production, the appearance of the atmosphere smooth. Pure black color good ride full score, pointed low with Europe and the United States rich. Imported full grain calfskin fabric texture superior, upper gloss excellent. Desert boots are modified by a military boots that are designed to walk in a desert climate. Most of the early camels were close to the sand color models, but now also more selective. Often concerned about the trend of the site of the puma shoes for men old iron should know how European and American tide men love desert boots.

Suede desert boots with the pursuit of minimalist mode. White T + military green jacket + tannins pants, concise and hard filled with a hard gas field; light-colored knit + black slacks with a sense of elegance, are good look. But try not to wear desert boots in the rainy day, after all, suede material, waterproofing is not good. High mercerized suede fabric production, with the camel brown section color, the entire retro taste blowing. Low-cut multi-piece tailoring cut, the cans neat and tidy, very personal. Toe with a touch of wipe effect, a sense of hierarchy. Martin boots was originally invented for patients to quickly recover the injured parts of the shoes, because after wear wear wear gradually evolved into workers boots. In the chaotic 1970s, young people used puma store to wear Martin boots as a cool, so Martin boots into a symbol of the streets and punk. Martin boots be regarded as the originator of street fashion culture, it is durable and durable, even if it has become very old, still very tough taste. Most common Martin boots in the tube with a high degree of cross-straps on the front side, you can wear the hem or beam pants trousers, the effect is great.

Made of the first layer of calf leather fabric, soft leather breathable, comfortable to wear high. High to help lace style design exhibition cool style, modified leg-type effect stick. Shoe thin body, version of smooth three-dimensional, half-edged shoes embossed letters. Military boots this single product, as long as the upper corner will instantly make people full of momentum, male charisma burst table. Military boots, mostly round toe with heavy shoe body, which is to prevent fighting in the wild, snakes and other foreign body bites. Bullock carved leather shoes believe that they are very familiar with the old, carved boots is a longer paragraph leather shoes. This style with rich British characteristics is very suitable for the yuppie gentleman wearing exquisite carved outline can make the modeling texture plus points.