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Small man crush selection sandals long snacks, the word buckle special high

Summer one, many girls are put on sandals, or is a single shoes, the basic farewell to the type of casual shoes. Because the summer did not really cover their feet, so in order to liberate your feet, or from a pair of sandals start it! So for the little girl, it is embarrassing. Because the original small, legs on the short, wearing shoes itself is more stress. But fortunately Xiaobian is a small man, in the summer, wearing sandals will be the first choice of a buckle design, just to catch up with the trend this year. This year is particularly popular word buckle, so wear up also become more trendy charm. The word buckle design, coupled with high-heeled elements, the performance of the long legs of the visual effects immediately highlighted it! Today to give you talk about the word deduction of those single product. The so-called word buckle, can be in the ankle, can be in front, but no matter where it is, puma running shoes did not affect it was high temperament. For short legs girls, wearing it with a skirt, is definitely able to create a large long leg of the visual effects, anyway, Xiaobian is time-tested. You can also try Oh!

Classic elegant and elegant sandals, pointed design, with the effect of elongated legs, and rough with the elements, to meet the girls do not wear shoes, wearing a flower in front of the design, in particular, elegant personality Of the charm, so elegant shoes, is absolutely full of sweet girls live heart Oh feet do not pick the foot of a new puma shoes sandals, whether you are feet wide, feet thin, you can wear control. Sexy tip, plus a word buckle design, very charisma, behind the hollow Yu rough with the elements, a look to let people have an eyebrows sexy presence, with the dress when the special elegance of a woman Taste, but also can easily stretch the leg type, played a high visual effect, especially nice of a sandals, focused on the mainstream elements of this year. Tassels, weaving, one word, one word buckle, all at one go, it is particularly attractive. Sandals elements, is absolutely full of elegant charm, like this fashion sandals, puma sneakers summer with good clothes, for small girls, is also a perfect rescue, so that you have a small sandals can wear, but also Full of flavor, serve two purposes

Ultra-elegant sandals, the use of cross-strap design, creating a very attractive level of the wind, the word buckle the tape, wearing a very elegant charm, such sandals, wearing in the summer, like walking the streets of London In general, very energetic puma shoes for men and charismatic, beauty of you, do not miss such a layer of sandals it! This year is particularly popular this element, and this design is also very simple, a look so that people are very fond of. Simple words, modified the outline of the toes, behind the use of strap elements, but also particularly elegant, simple design, but contains a very beautiful fashion style, so you wear out the most fashionable feeling of the season,