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Small white shoes of the material secret, you make it!

In recent years, the popular trend, a class of single product really is the speed of puma slippers lightning speed to occupy our footsteps, our occupation of the popular front line, whether it is a vibrant student body or goddess big star, the basic everyone Have a pair, one puma outlet hundred worn unhappy, that's right, is a small white shoes. Small white shoes are the most popular of these two years the most greenest shoes, in addition to good-looking easy to take outside, the most important thing is to wear comfortable. However, the maintenance of small white shoes is almost all people, especially girls have a headache problem. Because the white shoes, although very nice, but particularly easy to dirty, and yellow over time will not wash, or even become black shoes, people feel very bad. So, when a small white shoes into a dirty black shoes, how can we save it to restore its fashion character? How cleaning and maintenance to make it always beautiful? Today to teach you a small white shoes cleaning and maintenance methods, please carefully optimistic. Small white shoes, there are many kinds of materials, according to different materials also have different ways of cleaning. The root cause of small white shoes yellow is actually because the cleaning method is wrong. Washing powder chemicals and tap water left a small amount of rust is a direct result of small white shoes yellow culprit. The method of drying the toilet paper package does not seem to be completely effective.

First of all new shoes must be well protected, with a small white shoes dedicated waterproof spray. Waterproof spray is not only waterproof, but also in the upper covered with an invisible layer of protection, dirty and can easily wipe (especially shellfish shoes). This is definitely the savior of cloth white shoes, no one wants to take a brush desperate brush shoes, tired do not say it is also easy to damage the contour of the upper. Followed by cleaning, for the choice of cleaning appliances must first resolutely resist the use of detergent, you can choose to use a small white shoe dedicated soap, white shoe so white as new, excellent decontamination. According to different materials, cleaning methods are different. Clean water mixed detergent, wet the dirty place, toothpaste squeezed onto the brush, brush stains. After washing, wrap the shoes with toilet paper and allow to dry naturally in a cool, well-ventilated place. After drying, rub a layer of powder on the shoe. Or spray a layer of protective spray, in any case do not use water brush directly, will only get dirty. If only partially dirty, wipe the stain with a small amount of detergent on the towel and dry it immediately after cleaning. If the shoes as a whole is dirty, then wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth just fine. Do not let this type of white shoes naturally dried, will cause wear and tear; do not use polished shoes to treat artificial leather, there will be cracks, then the shoes stuffed with toilet paper fixed shoes.

First wipe the upper with a towel dust, and then wipe with warm water and detergent, scratches Department with a soft brush treatment (toothbrushes, sponges can be). Rub with leather care oil maintenance. Dry naturally, avoid direct sunlight. Such shoes can not be stained with water, water will make the faded leather, so use carefully wipe with water. You can wipe a little water, and then use a sponge to suck the water off. Only puma outlet use a clean soft brush to brush in one direction. If dirty, there are special eraser skin cleaning rubber, rubber can be used in one direction to wipe, and then brush with a small brush can be light. Take a pair of left and right shoes, collide with each other a few times, through the collision will be scattered ash on the ground. Then wipes or sponges, respectively, wipe the surface of the shoes and the stain on the bottom. Prepare a pot of clean water at a temperature of about 40 鈩? with a brush dipped in a small amount of water, and then applied to the brush cleaner and then the surface of the shoes and in-depth cleaning. A small area needs to be clean, then use a soft brush to brush, and then wipe with a towel. Remove the shoelace from the shoe, put it in the basin and soak in a little detergent for one hour, then put it in the cleaning bag together with other small objects to be cleaned. Now the market can already buy shoes for the special waterproof spray, and everyone just spray a spray on the surface of the new shoes, natural after the formation of a protective layer of dry film. As a result, dirt or dirty water can be effectively isolated from the surface of the shoe, making cleaning easier and more convenient. A few sheets of paper pad inside the shoes to prevent damp shoes, and then clean the shoes carefully wrapped with a bag placed in the shoe box, it is best to buy the shoes when the shoes for the time to shoot photos attached to the shoe box, easy Better to store and find their own shoes.

The edge of the white shoes easily turn yellow because of the chemical residues in the detergent, detergent in the enzyme, it will react in the sun to produce yellow material, the shoe surface yellowing. Therefore, when cleaning white shoes can choose to use clean white soap, so not easy to leave residue, but also whitening effect. Pure blue ink ferrous ions and stains in the water chemical reaction occurs. Therefore, when cleaning small white shoes can drop 3-5 drops of pure blue ink in water, let the water into a touch of blue, then the white shoes into the inside, soak for ten minutes, and finally rinse with water Can be. In addition, when drying do not put small white shoes directly under the sun drying, you need to dry in a cool dry and ventilated place. Small white shoes washed wrapped in white tissue. In the interface can pack several layers of paper. On the one hand, it can block the direct sunlight, sunburn small white shoes; the other hand, you can use fluorescent agents to absorb UV, white shoes help whitening. If the white shoes yellowing particularly serious, it may wish to help with lead powder. Small white shoe brush can be clean, brush it up, and then wrapped in paper drying, I believe soon your little white shoes will be re-glow. (Pay attention to lead poisoning, wearing a mask during operation, pay attention to cleaning after finishing) Most synthetic materials at 45 degrees will produce changes at high temperatures, so whether wearing or washing, the ambient temperature is preferably less than 45 degrees, which is why wash shoes to avoid Hot water and wash after exposure. Otherwise, the shoes will turn yellow. The edges of white sports shoes tend to turn yellow because of the chemical residues in the detergent and the slight rust left in the water, which can be attached to the surface with tissue paper or toilet paper, but this is not the best method. Shoes have been yellow, the shoes can be washed clean, and then white shoes painted on top, then covered with toilet paper to dry. If you puma sale can not buy white shoe powder, you can also use the water kettle kettle wall instead of water. That is, we will drain the water and alkali, and wipe it in the clean uppers, so that you can make the shoes white as new. Leather upper material is not easy to maintain up, because it is easy to pleat, but also should not touch the water, so the use of cleaning methods to clean is more insurance. If the skin is not very broken shoes, you can first find the same color of shoe polish, cotton swab dipped in a small amount of egg whites and shoe polish repeatedly rubbed the place and smooth, to be repeated several times after the dry can be. Finally, the whole shoe to hit shoe polish basically can not see it.