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Smaller Welfare These heels don get tired

I believe that many small people have a feeling, that is to see the favorite clothes, but worried that height is not enough, can only give up. Xiao Bian wants to say that although he is not enough, he can also make up for it by the day after tomorrow. And high heels are a great skill that sisters use to increase. Of course, it is not necessary for everyone to wear 10 centimeters. Like the following paragraphs, it is appropriate to walk at a time when you are not tired, as you increase your visual acuity. The soles of the platform shoes are mostly designed with a thick bottom, and the height is about 5cm, which can quickly increase the appearance of the girls. And the sole is thick but soft, and the upper foot is not bulky and does not feel burdened. Compared with platform shoes, thick heel shoes are lighter and can give feet a more delicate appearance. Sisters can use it with different clothes, such as dresses, wide-leg pants, and pants. As this year's hot money, cats and heels are full of elegance. And its heel is more than 3-5cm of fine with the design, playful and cute, on the feet is not puma running shoes tiring, you can show feminine. It is suitable for a small platform shoes. The design of thick soles on soles of shoes is not only easy to increase, but also very comfortable and not tired. In addition, the patent leather upper is also decorated with a few pearls, adding a lot of femininity.

A British shoe full of wind. The toe design of the square head matches the decoration of the tie and the overall shape is simple and elegant. The heel design with a thick heel not only allows you to walk smoothly, but also lengthens the leg lines, which is very high. Very eye-catching pair of cat heels. Its upper has a classic checkered element and is very retro. And the lace of the bow, also designed a mixed-colored decoration, giving the overall style of wear a lot of points. The first layer of leather material is used for the uppers of the platform shoes. The leather is soft and delicate in texture. The carved design on the upper is puma shoes for women matched with the contrasting color design of the sole, which adds a lot of bright spots and is fashionable. Vintage full of Mary Jane shoes. His word is designed with a metal bracelet buckle, exquisite workmanship, very stylish. And its toe retro square head design, no matter what match is full of temperament. A feline heel with a striking temperament. The upper is made of suede sheepskin, and the leather is soft and delicate. And bow decoration, with a pointed design, it is particularly temperament. A feminine single shoe. The puma slippers toe of the square head is decorated with a small bow on the upper, which is also very gentle and beautiful. The thick heel, combined with a non-slip sole, is comfortable on the upper foot. A casual platform shoes. The first layer of leather upper, with a rubber sole, feels comfortable and tiring. puma outlet And the color matching design on the heel and the heel of the shoe is full of detail and it is not monotonous.