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So pick, wear flat shoes will not become a short leg!

Although high heels can make more high, and very highlights the body curve, but wearing high heels really tired! Especially when you wear high heels on the outside to go for a day, come home off the moment, the feeling is to heaven, cool to no longer cool. Some people may ask, since wearing high heels so tired, why not wear flat shoes it? (Eat melon masses: because the flat shoes was dwarf ah!) Put on flat shoes to change your legs, it is because you are picking the wrong shoes it! A lot of people choose the flat shoes will try to choose not very fancy, was picked up no more than nude color of the shoes (we do not say that nude color shoes temperament?), For this color flat shoes, absolutely Say no! Because the flat feet of the feet, flat to paste the ground, from the front to see, feet wide and short to both sides of the expansion, from the side to see, the angle did not extend the vertical, if the color of the shoes with the skin is very close, Big feet.

So, said the legs of the short sister, do not choose nude color of the shoes! Then how to pick flat shoes, in order to make you the same short legs, and significantly higher? With a light-colored flat shoes, fight black round head, and white pointed, elongated effect, with a bow of small gray round, than the nude lace is more likely to show legs long. The same as the black flat shoes, upper hollow small pointed, longer than the head was long, smooth pointed than the matt head pointed legs long, toe decorated with no longer than the decorative legs are long. You can try to face, to give you a kind of shoes you wear, vamps blurred, toe focus, kind of as far as possible to extend the presence of a sense of presence! This is mainly for light-colored puma outlet flat shoes, although Xiaobian said it is best not to choose nude color, but if you really like or can wear. Is to avoid too close to the matte or suede nude color, pick paint smooth, or sewing thread style, the best toe has eye-catching decoration. Xiao Bian recommended you choose the warm tone of the light, like milk white, white, with the yellow skin more coordinated, but slightly light, kind of extension of the effect of the puma sandals surface, there is no dark margin of the limit. But to avoid the cold side of the white, so cold and warm tone contrast, but also became a contrasting sense of contrast will be cut.

Like black shallow mouth flat shoes, it will have a clear line with the foot of the line, directly to define the foot and toes where, so the black tip than the round more legs long. If you further black out of the black, hollow design, contrast is strong, can be resolved when the flat shoes depressed when the flat feeling, so that the legs continue a sense of thin lines. Whether it is the upper or strap, plus a horizontal line, the length of the length of the length of the length of the leg, but you will tilt this line slightly, will split into an infinite extension. This is the meaning of streamlined design, even a simple pointed design, puma shoes for men slightly tilted out of an angle, the legs are not only elongated a little bit of lines. The use of rubber outsole, soft wear-resistant, very durable Uppers are high-end ultra-fiber material, feel smooth, breathable and comfortable, not dull feet, not grinding feet. Pierce head with a simple iron mouth design decoration, full of college style, personality wild.