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Tall tall tall legs, thanks to thin high-heel!

Children are not high, legs long points, face is not small, fine like. These women love to listen to the small tune, although it is nothing to reason, but to be removed from the fashion circle is really critical. It is like a man in the eyes of high heels how swaggering, tall tall tall legs, only women know that a living to suffer, but the willow waist waist with Qiaoyao it to move children, and then child is not willing to escape. Visual foot of this shoe is not only not high, bamboo color is still very pick, eye-catching mirror can be described puma shoes for women as a new initiative, and follow the world popular T station with the word tie creative, light luxury is full of fresh , Shallow mouth V-shaped streamline, minutes to get extension of the line of sight long legs. The most rare girl heart, even if the small pointed how easy and elegant, can not hide the sequins flowers blingbling behind the hidden girl dream, puma sale but romantic is only one of this, vividly see the fine high with respect to the elegance of the heart of the heart, blessing Tall and swaying, and cleverly by the word strap as long as the slim little enchanting. Said there is a hollow there is no sense of sexy, it depends on how to play hollow, in the shallow mouth in power of the popular era, partial to the idea of ??the concept of pushing to the creative front, itself is self-confidence and bold, puma store so that the mirror becomes particularly simple, long Leg is expected when the most needed is the eye-catching.

When the gentle and intellectual into the modern epidemic, destined not to indulge in wild and mediocre, as if T zone and college wind dependency, whenever meet can not erase the share of the charming pure, but the T zone All the way to shorten, Sentimental feeling is also reduced and then reduced, in addition to the book gas is still, actually quietly a little more long legs gracefully. Growth does not change the original intention, romantic go hand in hand, no matter what time as their ultimate as a pure girl, as if the bow to the girls, nothing to age age, it is a romantic pumping system, a passion of condensation, even long Leg transformation, still keep the heart of the sweet and soft. Pointed tall and high with a simple mirror called the rate of how high, may wish to look at the fashion picture, the point of praise can not help but lament that this is called classic, chasing the classic pace of all the way wrong is indeed considered to wear experience, Million taste away from fashion, checkered embossed is definitely the classic leader.

Long leg lore, one can achieve the story, the text description, although a bit fantasy, but does not prevent the tip of the shallow mouth of the high-heeled high-profile show was tall and tall and enchanting, but also by virtue of the banding stitching to add big names, Type perfect bright long legs, rhyme flavor. See splicing look tied strap, really fresh, the most critical or fine high with a small tip, if this look in the eyes of intellectual and elegant, even if not kill the horse is also considered true personality, another point of view that is called youth, Sex is passionate enough to challenge all kinds of impossible.