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The difference between board shoes and canvas shoes

First, canvas shoes:

When selecting canvas shoes, look at the upper side. Canvas shoes. As the name implies. Uppers are generally made of canvas. When purchasing depends on whether the curvature of the upper is normal. Whether the two shoes on the lining. Whether the color difference. Different parts of the upper Stitch suture is uniform and neat. Whether there is a broken line. Jump needle. The color is the same. From the heel out to see whether the body and the shoe soles are vertical. Lace hole with or without skew. Right and left are lining. Whether the text is clear. Is the paste or stitching decorative icon firm? Also check the soles. Rubber soles are generally used for outsoles. Such shoe soles require wear resistance, anti-slip, and lightness. Therefore, the soles should be puma store checked for non-slip streaks. Whether it is clear or not. Is there puma shoes any missing glue? Whether the puma outlet stripe spacing is even. Whether the sole color of the same material cheap puma shoes is the same. See if there is any air hole or blistering. Finally check the insole. The insole should be soft and soft. To be clear. Look at each rubber bonded part. See if there is a small glue dot. Bubbles. Put two shoes on the ground to compare. Check the color of each part. Pattern. High bottom. Length. Whether the width is the same.

Second, board shoes:

It comes from skateboarders who wear shoes, it is also known as skateboard shoes. Board shoes compared to the general shoes, the difference is: it is almost flat bottom, easy to allow feet to fully flat on the skateboard it. And there is shock The function is also enhanced by its side. For the lace part, some brands of shoes have anti-abrasive lace holes.