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The influx of people are wearing loose shoes, you sure not to a pair?

In recent years the popular muffin shoes, by new puma shoes the love of many young girls Oh, the origin of loose shoes is what, Xiaobian to give you universal about this knowledge it, lofty shoes last type is very fashionable and personality, creativity in the Soles, soles are very thick from the appearance point of view, like a layer of a layer of pastry piled up, like a thick pastry hence the name. A fashionable muffin shoes, in recent years into the fashion trend, it has been a lot of girls love, let the girls put it down, there are many styles of loose shoes, the fabric has a lot of style, so wild cake shoes, is not So you can not help but want to know about it, the following look at several loose shoes it! Quite the British style of puma store the loose shoes, this shoe is the shape of the toe round soles, the mouth is used in the shallow mouth of the elements, easy to wear off Oh, the design of the lace is a cross strap, add sequins design , So that shoes are more shiny Oh, soles are just the height of the cake at the height of the upper use of PU leather surface using exquisite craftsmanship made of patent leather Oh, increase the brightness.

Recently a very thick white sandals small white shoes, all white shoes body is very eye-catching, put it on the street is definitely the focus. Thick soles, all of a sudden increase in height, how can a small girl to miss. The unique design of small white shoes is really difficult to resist, fight the color of the puma sneakers elements, only one can make people very heart water, pedicure version of the rubber outsole, upper body is very comfortable ~ upper use of the first layer of leather, Resistant to wear ~ casual casual, relaxed, with them are great! There is a pair of good shoes to get out of a good way, this section of the leather slender lazy shoes, so that you walk safely on the road! Rub the old dirty shoes to do the old, fashion and wild, how to wear all the spicy good look. Uppers with the first layer of cowhide material, rate of free and easy feeling very cool neutral style, so you easily pocketed the eye! Using a super soft leather, unlike the kind of poor patent on the market is hard, feet feel very good. While the thick end of the style, invisible increase! Put it on, the feet of the enjoyment from here to start! Small white shoes should be the girls with the best choice, a pair of easy to get. It is full of treasure and gas field and can hold the audience. The first layer of leather fabric breathable and comfortable, suitable for all year round, thick bottom of the design not only to meet the wearing comfort, and elongated the overall body proportions, but also have a significant effect ~ wear it ~ out of the street is overwhelming high back rate!