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The last two holes in sports shoes will not be used? No wonder grinding feet

We advocate a healthy lifestyle, every day will be wearing a beloved sneaker jogger some, so a lightweight and comfortable sneakers into their own heart good. The last two holes in sports shoes will not be used? No wonder we grind foot! However, Xiaobian recently found that many people wear shoes when wearing shoes, foot wear phenomenon, but also wear shoes in the bag will appear baggy phenomenon, which to a certain extent, will reduce their own shoes Exercise comfort. Many people think that the shoes do not fit, the choice of the wrong size of the cause, or too much lead by doing their own way, it is not true, which is roughly because your shoes do not wear this type of shoes will appear wear feet, Shoes do not fit the phenomenon of occurrence, accurate is that your shoe strap is not tied, and you most likely ignore the top two holes in the shoes. Sports shoes seem to be more than two holes, it is not true, the role of these two holes in fact is to better protect the ankle and heel parts, make it more fit the foot area, so as to prevent the shoes more lenient The phenomenon of grinding foot occurred. After we wear the front shoes in the usual order, we should remember to go through the last two holes one by one to form a small circle, and on the other side as well.

Then the shoes on both sides of the shoelace into the opposite small circle, quickly tightened, so the shoelace will be very good to enter a tight state, and the Department of shoelaces are more solid. Then we knotted it in accordance with the magnification carried by our normal department, and we succeeded in doing so.

So use their own way to tie the shoelace will find the shoes more lightweight fit heel and the soles of the feet, do not worry about the feet will not fit because of the shoes and blown out of the bubble, morning running what is puma running shoes simply comfortable to enjoy. Simple and casual straps sports shoes, can be very good to show a relaxed natural state, very light and comfortable on the feet, and running very breathable wear, simple puma sneakers style, very versatile feet, exquisite color highlights the women The different temperament, very refreshing, energetic. Comfortable and comfortable comfortable sneakers can make your feet more comfortable and soft, and the version of simple, very fit the footsteps of the contour, showing a good effect on the foot, delicate texture, very wear-resistant, for people who love sports very The fit, soles soft non-slip, strong safety performance. Girl heart puma outlet full of spell color running shoes, delicate color and texture, and wear very soft and comfortable feet, and the ventilation effect is very good, showing a sense of retro wild, full of vitality, full of vibrant colors, Show the use of lazy feeling. Exquisite body of shoes, full of sweet and stylish feeling, and his light texture, wear will not be too tired with, and very breathable, thick soles can be well modified leg type, lengthen their own body Curves, showing the exquisite curves of the body, but also appear more temperament. Simple shoe body, can very well show a very good sense of light and comfortable, the shoe body fine zipper is well decorated with the shoe body, puma shoes for men showing a light and comfortable effect, and can well stretch the legs lines, landscaping Body curve, and exercise will not make the foot feel uncomfortable.