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University, girls like boys to wear what shoes?

We all know that boys and girls with the aesthetic difference is huge, as if the Union and tribal water and fire incompatible. Sometimes it is difficult to reach a consensus at some point, for example, boys like shoes, but most of the sister will feel wearing shoes is hanging wire. Or you wear more expensive shoes, you are in the eyes of her sister is wearing a double bloated basketball shoes straight male cancer patients flat shoes, including our daily habits: canvas shoes, a pedal, shell head, vans and so on. As the most common wear shoes, lightweight wild shoes is basically our most common shoes. Similarly, flat shoes are basically wild models, in addition to suit pants, the other pants can basically match with a very good effect. Small white shoes canvas shoes is basically the most common flat shoes, cheap wild, casual light, so it became a large number of fashionable people sought after object, lazy flat shoes, this shoe a little feeling of British wind shoes, but the fabric with Are relatively light and breathable, the whole is to take the casual wind, with a cowboy and the like is absolutely puma sneakers appropriate to imagine the kind of walking in the streets of the feeling of leisure, this shoe must.

Tooling or Martin Director also think that men are puma store essential shoes, reflecting the tough guy temperament of a shoe, and can wear to attend some formal occasions, such as dating, salon, party and so will not fall. To a certain extent, can replace the shoes. Bring their puma running shoes own effect of the Martin boots / tooling, it is able to reflect the momentum of boys, of course, short legs, or buy low to help the tooling shoes is better, high to help or leave a good proportion of students. Martin boots is absolutely essential men's shoes, whether it is a small boy to wear to increase, or increase the momentum of tall, reflecting the legs long, this is a very suitable single product, with straight jeans, that combination is like McDonald's The fries and cola are as harmonious. How to match Straight jeans with tooling shoes The latter is very suitable for Martin shoes, although the straight trousers with shoes or running shoes is also good, but always only puma sandals tooling is true love, this is very hard, light cooked concept is not outdated.