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Want to wear high heels? You have to know that your foot is not suitable

As the weather began to warm up, the small fins wrapped in the boots of the cotton socks could finally come out through the air. On these days, a hot post on Weibo said that according to the length of human toes, it can be divided into Egyptian feet, Roman feet and Greek feet. It's very important to know your foot shape. Everyone knows that wearing high heels is hurting your feet, but wearing high heels that don't fit your feet hurts your feet and is ready. Buy your own shoes against your feet to reduce the damage to your feet. Slim with low shoes can exercise the focus of grasp, physical balance, so that you really have the ability to control puma outlet a pair of shoes, as far as possible away from the waterproof platform, a little rough road, so easy to bludgeon. Sharp-heeled high-heeled shoes: The texture looks more gentle puma shoes for men and young. The nude color has always been a sweet color. It is very suitable for the beauty who likes Han Fan's and wears light-colored clothes. They are very nice and the pointed design is elongated. The curves of the feet make the legs look more slender, and the metal's stilettos look even more distinctive. According to ergonomic design, the puma slippers delicate touch will make you feel tired no matter how long you go. High-end luxury, breathable comfort, high-end quality Fine workmanship, can make you more sexy, more charming, more elegant, more stylish, more natural

The square design of the fashion can be very good at decorating the foot shape and lengthening the leg lines to make the legs look more slender and charming. For fashion savvy you, fashion and wild, you will be the focus of the audience, and even more. Fashion has a gas field. Fashion wild simple design, shaping sexy style and high style, into a variety of colors, revealing a more connotation of the texture, a unique version of the design, embellishment of the beauty of the entire shoe, even more women's elegant temperament , elegant and avant-garde. The Roman foot is also called a square foot. This foot type person does not have a particularly prominent toe, and round or square head shoes can make the foot and shoes feel more comfortable and comfortable. College full of high-heeled pair of high-heeled shoes, the mouth of the shoes is very bright, side stitching leather cloth posted handsome, buckle style is very novel, it looks particularly eye-catching. Lazy style high heels, a simple pedal style, the decoration of the shoes above the treatment, walking will be more comfortable ~ a very free pair of shoes.