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What are the categories of slippers?

Anti-static slippers/sandals use static dissipative material PU (polyurethane) to make shoe soles. Introducing the kinematics and physiology-based HAD system, the shoe body is light, soft, comfortable and breathable, and will not wear out over time. Suitable for use puma shoes for women in electrostatic sensitive areas, the scope of puma outlet use: requires a dust-free production workshop. Semiconductor manufacturing, electronic picture tube manufacturing, etc.

Flip-flops, referred to as flip-flops. The

Flip-Flops are also called "flip-toe slippers." Listening to the pronunciation of the word alone, the rhythm of kicking has spread a sense of randomness and freedom. Businessmen say that ?will make the ankles, calves puma shoes for men and thighs symmetry, and will play a wonderful role in leg bodybuilding; doctors say that wearing is harmful to health and can cause joint pain and sprained ankles. A series of foot problems. Although the controversy is in, but the conclusion is not, therefore, represents the fashion, freedom, lively and happy "flip-flop" is still the youngest favorite. The

The history of flip flops can be said to be quite long. Humans used animal skins or all available materials to wrap their feet on the soles of their feet as early as thousands of years ago. It can be said that the earliest prototype of flip flops is the basic mechanics of shoes. ! As for those who later dragged the word out, Japan and Brazil must be counted. In addition to the typical wood-type flip flops in Japan, Brazil's gums are the most comfortable. The

Flip-flops, which are full of free spirit and casual feeling, have been welcomed by designers in recent years and used in fashion shows. On the other hand, although the structure of the flip flops is simple, it has unlimited creative possibilities. Illustrators and designers can create free canvases with simple flip flops and flat soles, while ordinary consumers can even freely create their own, and use flip flops and soles as colors to match freely. Create exclusive personal designs. A pair of finished flip flops can also be created again by pasting various decorations. With such "liberalism", how can puma shoes for women we not encourage the growth of supporters?

Indoor slippers, with the improvement of people's life quality, and more and more close to people's lives, indoor slippers are generally divided into cotton slippers, open slippers, bathroom slippers, weight loss slippers, fitness slippers, wipe slippers, disposable slippers (hotel drag ), as the name suggests, no matter what kind of indoor slippers, are mainly used in the room, convenient, hygienic, warm, comfortable features make indoor slippers gradually become an indispensable part of people's lives.