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What are the differences between slippers, sandals and sandals?

Many shoes in life are obviously seasonal, for example, snow boots are only suitable for wearing in cold winter, and sandals are only suitable for hot summer wear. Slippers and sandals are two kinds of shoes that are commonly worn in the summer. Although the two look very similar in some cases, there are actually significant differences between them. There is a clear distinction between slippers and sandals. Judging from the most basic puma shoes for men structure, the heel of the slippers is all empty, with only one toe cap, while the sandals have a heel, and the toes and slippers are not necessarily the same. The toe caps of flip flops are often in the form of a figure, a herringbone, or puma running shoes a semi-wrapped shape, and the newly popular holes have a round hole of the same size. Sandals have more types of toe caps. Since the heel can fasten the connection between the foot and the shoe, the toe cap can be a simple few straps, or it can be a flat shape. The difference in structure causes a difference in the feeling of wearing slippers puma shoes for men and sandals. The sandals have a heel, so when walking, the soles almost completely conform to the soles of the feet. Because the slippers lack a heel, the soles of the second half are often separated from the foot bottom when walking. It is easier to make a "stepping" sound.

The difference between slippers and sandals is also reflected in the applicable season, sandals can only be worn in the summer, but the slippers can be worn all year puma slippers round, because sandals are cooler, slippers can be cool, warm, coral fleece, cotton and other production Made of slippers can be worn in winter, spring and autumn. The difference between slippers and sandals also reflects material aspects. High-tech materials such as PVC, EVA, and plastics are the types that both shoes will use. Coral velvet, bamboo charcoal, wool, corduroy and other materials are used only for slippers and not for sandals.