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What color winter shoes to wear, be considered good-looking

In this winter, many sister said "it is too cold!", Cold to nothing to say, is the temperature limit the fashion sense ~ for the winter wear slowly tend to warm-based, there is no fashion Words? Winter is puma sale over, but you really grasp every day for 17 years, or do you have to change a new set of equipment from head to toe? I remember Xiao sister this winter is a pair of pants with a pair of snow boots so come. These two single product can be said to be quite casual, although the snow boots puma sandals look ugly? That can only say that you did not get it to wear the real point of wear and fashion sense! Xiao sister for the color is also under a lot of effort to study! The long section of the pants design coupled with waist tightening more waistline, the positive English letters were super European and American style. Pants pants more refined sense of design, feet pants spiral foot beam processing more ankle slender sense. The design sense of the side of the English alphabet is full, plus the positive black letters of the color pattern is even more fashion sense. Loose design version with superb color sense of dirt-resistant, even more sense of fashion Needless to say, easy to mix shoes out of the street.

Sweatpants are also super-leg type, and other sections of the difference is that the sweatpants sweater design highlights is that it's decorative highlights are the part of the trousers. Tight tight waist treatment really super-obvious texture. One fur structure more touching, light gray and white lamb hair echo each other. Round head design sense of fashion more sense of the horizontal part of the shoe more refined and sense of design, thin lace shoelaces are also particularly significant sense of refinement. cheap puma shoes Built-in also increased within the design sense, khaki color is also very significant. Partial cylinder design warmer ankle, musk velvet texture dirt and wash well, after the heel of the logo also more English letters more sense of design. The design of the tube plus the khaki color, the design of the lambswool on the ankles and the heel are super-super warm. The color is still the same classic selected khaki brown, new puma shoes slightly with a little high-heeled design even more fashion sense.