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What is the most resistant boots? Who else besides Martin boots?

If you straight men want a pair of devastated shoes, Xiaobian devaluation Martin boots. Martin boots soles were originally made from air cushion, wear climbing, exploration absolutely no problem. By the 1970s, Martin boots turned into a punk, Gothic rock symbolic dress. Until now, in most people's eyes, Martin boots = rebellious unruly. Since we intend to choose such a pair of resistant boots, naturally have to understand how to match it, the main points are as follows: the most wild colors preferred black, deep black will definitely make you look more cool, and with strong and convenient, and each Color fusion. Other special color, such as red, white and so on, is very test with skill. High top design Super cool, pure black leather deep and mysterious, bring their own rock and roll filter, with a black motorcycle loaded, I feel the next second can be a rock band lead singer. Light brown rub color leather shiny super-sense, superior texture, and the height of the ankle and convenient with a variety of pants, pants can be rolled up to be more arbitrary, just in line with the toughness of Martin boots.

Bottoms, it is best to cultivate a little pants, whether it is jeans, overalls, or even sweat pants, as long as self-cultivation can be made, will not go wrong. Martin boots comes with tough attributes, so the best fabric pants are also some stiff. Light khaki soft and nice, simple lace design atmosphere and fresh, flexible and wear-resistant rubber soles, with a variety of light-colored puma store jacket, it is particularly soft and refined. Light khaki Martin boots weakened the tough part of Martin boots, adding a bit softer. Thickened sole design not only can be increased invisible, but also more wear-resistant, mountaineering, off-road standard. Needless to tie into the trousers, which is outdated for many years of operation, it is better to pull the trousers look, look a lot of random, but also neutralize the toughness of Martin boots. Dark khaki upper and light khaki soles contrast forming contrast color, even more distinctive. Inside the plus velvet design more cold and warm, in the winter season will not feel cold puma sneakers at all. Dark brown new puma shoes retro and elegant, wipes full color design changes, bright gloss to increase the texture, but also for the overall shape of a lot of color. Rubber sole puma shoes tough wear, Yan value and strength both!