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What shoes were leggy, what kind of shoes the most difficult to wear?

If the summer is the season dominated by sandals and flat shoes, then the upcoming autumn and winter, Xiaobian think boots will undoubtedly become the main song, then goose, boots thousands of species, in the end which is your dish it ? ? , Do not rush to chop the hand, I first pick a pick what kind of shoes your leg length, what kind of shoes the most difficult to wear? Take the most small fairy headache O-shaped legs and X-shaped legs Speaking of it, these two legs more or less people are not exposed puma shoes easily, the best way is puma sale to cover! Over knee boots is a magic weapon, cleverly cover the shortcomings, the visual lengthen your height, the most suitable with puma store short skirts, shorts and cultivating pants. Remember not to put out the dress block, because these two single product together, will look very cumbersome, remember! Occlusion legs type alternatively one is enough! ! In the boots or ankle boots is a good choice. Why do not you continue to use long boots to cover it? Because of thick legs, easy to get stuck, it will be more prominent that your legs on the meat 鍥?condition, the tube and the ankle boots have a good sense of extension.

In fact, long before, cats and heels have come out, cats and boots but is its upgraded version. With pointed, kittens and quickly in the eyes of fashionista stand firm, very pretty style, but puma shoes for women a lot of people impressed. Thick boots with the new door is the Gospel of Meng, a certain increase in the proportion, will not let the feet tired. Thick with the design of the use of the boots is Tingduo, moderation, but also more engaging, acceptable than cat heels, socks wide.