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What time to wear shoes when the interview is good

Graduates know that the interview is very important to wear, in the choice of time too fancy or exposed all can not be, at the same time, should not wear too expensive brand name and so on. So, we are very serious to find their own, and meet the norms of the clothing. But many people ignore the shoes and clothing with the same important, the choice of shoes are also very particular about, dumbfounded? It does not matter, as long as the following points, in fact, very simple. Wearing a suit to go to the interview, with a pair of flat shoes, at the same time with the bag or scarf in the color of the echo, it is able to show the wisdom of the girls side. Delicate lines and low-key shape all tell you about the quality requirements and the occasion of the judge, from the door that moment, the interviewer will be able to penetrate you are a smart girl,

Many girls will certainly have such a myth, most of the color of flat shoes jumping, which is suitable for the interview when you wear it? In fact, this point do not have to worry about, interview clothing in the deep tone in the appropriate integration into the lively color is no problem. One, you can remove the impression is too old; second, to be able to pleasant interviewer and their own feelings. But need to pay attention to is that there must be clothing or accessories on the color and shoes echo, otherwise, jump TONE dress must let you interview NG Oh! If the short girl to interview, then the high heels is the best weapon to increase the height. In addition, some girls wear and do not wear high heels to walk, completely two gas field, then, also need high heels to help puma shoes out. In the heel height of the choice to 3-5 cm is appropriate, the maximum can not exceed 6 cm, otherwise, the examiner will doubt where you come to interview Oh! High school girls, unless you apply to the model, or try to avoid the choice of high heels to interview, this will only cause unnecessary pressure. High heels in style should be consistent with simple, generous two elements, complex decoration will give people anxious, or show off the negative impression. Black or white at a glance, wood texture heel and height with just right, people feel strong affinity. The weather is hot again, cheap puma shoes please do not wear sandals when interview, this is to tell everyone, you treat this interview is very indifferent attitude. If you have to choose a cool style, then puma slippers only exposed two toes fish mouth shoes is more appropriate. Exposed toes also please the girls do not graffiti in the above, the best natural color Oh! Want to increase the interview when the show the temperament, and will not be perfect to control the high heels of the girl, may wish to consider the slope heels Oh. It is comfortable to wear high heels, walking attitude do not have to wear high heels bad, for the entry level you wear to interview, is absolutely artifact Oh! Wear a dress girl Please note that formal occasions must wear pantyhose appearances, those black, purple, green, color and so on pantyhose, keep the usual leisure or nightclubs to wear, where the color must choose the skin color. And for puma slippers pants to attend the girl, then wearing shoes and similar color socks is appropriate.