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Why do we fall in love with "little white shoes"?

Since embarked on the community, life is a serious business wear and high heels, consciously or unconsciously will shield some common items, such as small white shoes. Always feel inappropriate and now the current job and the current age is not appropriate, but when the white shoes once again popular, but could not help but have. Small white shoes may be more of a memory in us, and the reflection of the lush. Sunshine, playground, that afternoon, the boy, this is the full meaning of white shoes once. Loose T-shirt, big skirts, clean white shoes, as unforgettable memories. Why do we fall in love with white shoes? As if we suddenly found that small white shoes so wild so comfortable. Skirts calm, sexy skirts, jeans, casual shoes, small white shoes can always be with. Dark lines of printing, so that two-piece dress more heavy meaning, because the white shoes suddenly become light. Can find a pair of suitable small white shoes is not easy, because small white shoes is not just casual, but also to show the temperament of literature and art capable workplace. So need to wait for patience to find. Chinese retro dress, skirts like a fairy like gas orchids, elegant and beautiful.

Want to make puma sneakers white shoes completely replace high-heeled shoes, is impossible, but small white shoes is not impossible to achieve high heels. Appearance looks mediocre, the higher the design allows you to height confidence is not confident, a little dotted pattern, small white shoes will not refuse. The little white shoes we know best are canvas shoes, which is about the typical configuration of every student's age. However, fashion can not always stay, even if the canvas shoes are also slightly more changes. Shallow mouth design, can stretch the instep, ease the visual effects of thick legs, increase the power of small white shoes. Since it is difficult to make a big color change, then the pattern puma shoes for men will certainly be rich and colorful. Delicate and resistant to see the hollow design, to the white shoes added a bit delicate and delicate connotation. If you have a large net yarn skirts, coupled with such a small white puma outlet shoes must look great. Not only for good looks, hollow design is to solve the summer breathable requirements. Small white shoes can not be replaced by sandals, but if you have any need with the match, white shoes will puma shoes not become the drag that one. The more simple the more wild more color.

Put on white shoes, maybe you can not sexy can not graceful graceful, but it allows you to match no specific formula, make your image look more natural. In a sense, the freedom of small white shoes with any style seems to be able to work together, the key is the bones have such a true nature.