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  • Wear black fine heels, do their own fashion darling

    High heels new puma shoes are essential for every woman, but do you have a pair of black fine heels? Black always gives a mysterious elegance, thin heel to the woman's sexy, charming, ladies and other gestures show glance, bring you self-confidence and charm, you can easily control every occasion, wear It is fashion up to you is you High-heeled shoes is a sexy, a pair of feminine full of shoes, with a high-heeled design, but the shoes become more sexy, when you a cupboard clothes in front of the time, how can the high heels with less It can be knowledgeable, puma shoes for men free, can be gentle, can be bold, flexible. Calfskin made, feel soft and delicate, the pores are clearly visible, wearing more comfortable and taste and luxury, the glass with the legs more slender, highlight the modern urban women's self-confidence and sexy, high-heel is the choice of beauty, Waterproof design, so that with high and low, but reduced the pressure on the feet. Lines full of bow design, not only by a trace of sweet, but also added a little simple atmosphere, scrubs to create a pointed upper, delicate texture tender and tender, striking fine high-heeled design, creating a soft woman , With a light and elegant elegance of the noble temperament, the whole filled with a thick romantic style. To help the surface made of sheep made of material, good permeability and good flexibility, foot and will not have a boring foot discomfort, fresh hollow design, simple and tone, fashionable diamond-studded design, the shoes of the Taste becomes different, with the end of the word with the word, to create charming temperament, pointed with a thin high-heeled, perfect modified legs, lengthening the leg curve.

    Sequins pearlescent fashion elements combined with the upper stitching design, so that your feet more dazzling, more highlights the fashion and the trend, the use of comfortable materials inside, so puma shoes for men that your feet fit insoles, feel easy foot, long legs is not a dream , Fine high-heeled slender legs, fashionable design. Lace fabric fashion and sexy, soft sheepskin insole, comfortable wearing experience, pointed design is more slender sexy, showing women elegant, fashion sheep suede high heel, modified leg lines, showing a beautiful girl curve. Sexy charm of the tip of the jade foot slender skinny side of the exposed, showing dignified yet elegant lined with unique temperament, elegant and charming sexy high-heeled, elegant height to meet ergonomic principles, elongated leg lines, showing female sexy Slender legs curve.

    2017-07-27 11:11:42
  • What are the basic shoes for 18-28 year old women?

    Boys often wonder why girls have a lot of shoes, but still buy! buy! buy! In fact, girls are often in trouble, the key time without the right shoes puma shoes for men with clothes. I hope there are some styles of shoes is the basic wild will not be outdated, you can deal with campus life, commuter business, dating and other occasions. First of all, first define the group, I have 18-28 years old between the puma running shoes definition of young women, so the recommended shoes for the crowd: generally for the student party and young office workers, not including fashion icon. The most common combination of basic models [white T-shirt + jeans], no significant style, respectively, and puma store elegant high heels, casual white shoes match, showing a very different temperament. Style consistent new puma shoes [elegant jacket + elegant dress], body wear style is uniform. Plus Roman shoes, full of feminine, fresh and natural. You want pure clean, simple and generous, how can we get a small white shoes! Can be used with any single product, such as jeans, dress, but must ensure that the upper clean! British style Oxford shoes can be officially elegant, brown more college wind, black patent leather more wild, wine red is also very unique, unique show your personality charm. Round ballet shoes, small straps, shallow mouth design makes your feet look particularly slim. Especially with a variety of skirts, hundred percent ladies good girl!

    Short leg star welfare - Chelsea boots, with black tights, transfiguration long legs stars. Because from the visual, legs and shoes seamlessly stretch the proportion of legs! Fine high-heel to participate in the defense, party, report or formal occasions can be, even more to mention the date. General heel height to 7cm is better, black nude color of the best pair.

    2017-07-26 11:50:13
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