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  • Football Shoes Selection How to Choose Football Shoes Football Shoes Selection Tips

    First of all, we should look at how much money we can withdraw. This is the most important thing. If the bottom line is at 300$, I suggest that you should hold the banknote directly to choose it. Picking the most expensive test will always be appropriate.

    After you understand your own pricing, you need to figure out what kind of fabric you want to buy.

    Leather: Choose cortical products, because: Comfortable, good foot feeling. In addition, to say that the processing of leather, which is also a leather product, but the surface has been processed to make it in the rainy, wet site, but also can control the amount of water absorption below 35% (and leather products can reach 75%) , However, the hardness of this fabric is a little higher than the skin, which leads to the same subcortical, feeling a little bit worse, pay attention, just a little bit! To add one point, the advantages of PU synthesis are that when in contact with a ball, the friction is high and lighter than the cortex. Top recommendation: kangaroo leather products (the best football shoes should be kangaroo leather).

    Differentiation method: Look at the cortex lines (Cortex lines of kangaroo skin discriminating method: At the upper, press gently with the thumb, appearing small and very uniform emissive stripes, very natural, mainly the experience)

    Additional points: Now many, especially the Adi class shoes, have plastic strips added to the inside of the instep, in order to increase friction when in contact to increase the rotation of the ball. Recommended: Choose based on personal characteristics.

    Stud selection: According to different site conditions and personal ability, flat shoes are only suitable puma store for Halle; soft short nails, and more dense, suitable for relatively short and hard grass, or carpet-type venues, artificial turf is OK; Short nails, suitable for artificial turf or land; thirteen nails (dead), suitable for slightly soft and dense turf or sandy land that has been stepped loose; start nails (dead), suitable for soft, dense turf; six nails (live) ), start nails (live), suitable for rain or very loose and dense turf. With regard to the venues where we often play, it is recommended that hard rubber short nails and thirteen nails (dead) are appropriate. Starting nails (dead) is also possible, but the new nails sold in the new shoes are relatively long. Accidentally, it is easy to stomp, and puma sandals you must pay attention to it. Moreover, with this kind of sole, a flying shovel goes down and it is very harmful and shocking to each other's players, but after a while It should be very suitable.

    Below, analyze the selection of shoe soles and players' ability, start nails, as the name suggests, and have a strong grip to achieve the effect of improving the player's starting speed. Generally, the position of the players in such shoes is selected: forward, winger, defender...other, himself Just figure puma shoes for men it out!

    Hardness of the sole: hard sole, when the right foot hits the ball, the tightness of the ankle also has a certain auxiliary effect; the relatively soft sole has a better feeling when dialing and pulling the ball! At the same time, different materials of the soles, hardness is not the same, the material can also be divided into: hard rubber, soft plastic, plastic and carbon fiber, the first three kinds of names as you say, here is to emphasize the carbon fiber, this material The soles achieve the effect of reducing weight and increasing hardness. Of course, the cost is relatively high! Recommended: Choose according to your situation

    Lace position, length of tongue: The cloth products of shoelaces will affect the rotation of the arc ball, the accuracy of the shot, the accuracy of the pass... So, there are a lot of football shoes. Longer tongues are used to cover the puma running shoes laces, or to direct the laces to the side! However, it is not a professional elite athlete who cannot understand it at all (I believe that they themselves cannot necessarily experience it)! Recommended here: It doesn't matter. Look what you like or feel pretty.

    Laces selection: generally only waiting to match, and this is also to see personal preferences, some people like to put the tongue on the top of the laces, and some very traditional method of binding, this type of ordinary length of lace is enough Some people like to tie the laces around the back nails and tie them up, or I like to tie the laces through the arches of the foot and tie them up (by Bai Baqi). This requires lengthened shoelaces. Close to twice the normal lace! Recommendation: Look at personal habits, but generally speaking, cross-overs are more likely to fix the shoes and Fuss with the tying method that is wrapped around the soles of the shoes. Forgot to say that it is best to use pure cotton.

    Insole Selection: It is best to have a cushion, feeling really is not the same, the forefoot cushion plays a supporting role, but the back of the cushion is very critical, and this I feel very deep! Especially in hard venues, with air cushions, there is a very big positive effect on the ankle and knee cushions. highly recommended

    Pre-purchase shoes for football shoes

    1, not big, not small, one sentence: size should be moderate, when buying shoes, it is best to wear or bring double thick socks, try shoes when used. Moreover, we generally find it difficult to buy completely suitable shoes. Therefore, try to take care of the length of time! Cortex shoes, as long as the appropriate length, the feeling of tight in front of the feet after wearing a 3 or 4 times just fine.

    2. It is important, but it is the most important thing. Before you try on shoes, you must squeeze it. The shoes are not stiff enough and they are not easy to distort. If neither of these points can be met, all you need to do is to put down the pair. Shoes, and then find something else, or leave. Then put on, tighten the laces, do squat movements, at the same time lift the heel, feeling that the back of the shoe can also be tightly wrapped in the heel (this is to buy a pair of shoes The most important and the most easily overlooked place. If it is easy to slip down, it is either too big or too much quality! If this does make your heel hurt, it means that the shoes you have chosen are small enough.

    2018-05-24 10:12:46
  • Wear comfortable shoes to take the wonderful road, white shoes romantic you really understand?

    To hate the sky, it's good to see it. Not puma shoes for women only does the person who passes through know the impotence, but even the audience also expresses deep sympathy. Therefore, aside from all kinds of flashy youth, the youthful girls who set the rate really and playful are more concerned with comfort and fashion. The standard and the book, a variety of small white shoes came into being, wonderful work style, how romantic you understand. Quality people not only wear stylish, but also wear their own unique, with the same white shoes, if you wear the same, it does not feel the temptation of uniforms, but the school uniform standard is generally daunting, so a little fresh, Straw, bright skin, letters logo, get up on the tall. Helping you to glimpse the influx of people in the shoes of the gods, not all dresses are suitable for leisure, in a particular fashion which requires a bit out of style and gorgeous texture, cross-cutting novel, swift and balanced personality, not tied Even though it is better than the romance of elegant elegance, British handsomeness is extraordinary.

    If you want to set a standard image for leisure and fashion, flat bottom straps are the absolute choice, white shoes remember the cleanliness and innocence of youth time, but also the best partner to perform refreshing and cool, of course, the most mirror It depends on the icing on the cake. Lazy shoes are not lazy, just rely on small white shoes to be diligently cleaned and treated on the visible one or two, followed by internal increase, if you puma store really want to be a queen, why bother about leisure need to take into account the high and long, so what is necessary is One stone and puma sneakers two birds are wonderfully convenient and stylish. Question: White shoes = casual? A: Of course not. The word "white shoes" is not a casual endorsement, but a graceful color in a particular style. It's like not all the hip skirts have to be high-heeled shoes. A bright shiny metal buckle can earn enough intellectual power. Atmospheric field. Whose youth did not love high heels? The answer is really hard to say, the difference lies in the quality and style of swaying into the wind, the increase in white shoes, is to grow tall, compared to high-heeled really does not have a few minutes show fiber enchanting, rainbow strap can not be handsome The block also makes the high-heeled forgotten. Fashionable and not the same, does not have to be maverick, but the classic and big-name pull wind must understand, black and white stitching personality detached almost uphold all the colors of the fashion industry, as the velcro and mesh hollow, handsome The hot flashes are always high and they are not in love with Gao Ding. Although it is a thick muffin bottom, it is still unable to stop the college from being sweet and pure. Not for anything else, it is a subtle character with a small round head for the big-name carvings. Pure innocence, thick-bottomed and inner-increased are chasing youth. Shortcuts, shoes and streamline is also a pleasant classic for a century. The best is that it is fashionable and comfortable. Certainly it is necessary to satisfy some of the requirements for sports and leisure. Relatively pure leisure streamline, this season's collocation love and full of dynamic fashion, clever use of three-dimensional stitching to add some highlights, also A calm and moving youth can pull the wind into heaven.

    2018-05-22 10:21:33
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