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  • Those who wear a very texture of the sandals, please give me a dozen!

    The recent weather in addition to puma store heat, but also more than a sticky, wet muffled feeling, that is, the sweat of the remaining but also by puma shoes for women the high temperature and heat double attack wait, really say how bad mood how bad! Especially wearing socks feet, all day stuffy in the shoes to do three warm, come home to take off the socks emerge out of the kind of taste and sticky also have to save the foot odor, nausea sweat savior sandals! Sunny when wearing sandals, sets of T-Shirt and shorts, cool to wear the mood so good! And do not worry about it looks like wearing pajamas, which with a few tips is to use multi-level wear and a single product accessories (hat, bag) to shape. In the past, most people on the sandals impression is "buy food uncle", "otaku" exclusive single product. In fact, are the choice of the wearer or on the wrong with the impression to others, in every corner of the universe, sandals can be regarded as the streets of the influx of summer shoes necessary. The same suit with sandals, scarves, holding the bag to join, or the choice of different shirts can make you fashionable soaring.

    Afraid of the legs are tanned or do not like the hands of the men who can also be replaced by the lower body comfortable pants, shrink trousers, jeans, khaki pants! In addition to plain short T, you can also choose the spring and summer atmosphere of the totem T or T letter T, show the youthful and lively sunshine juvenile style! Or a wide pants with Roman sandals, to create a relaxed and comfortable city with sex men temperament ~ of course, you do not print shirt ok, but you must have a eyebrow burst table other accessories. Such as this brother's pants. Office, classroom air conditioning too strong, and sometimes do not want to wear a jacket, to puma shoes for women a thin long sleeve / seven sleeves shirt to match the sandals! No print simple boy on the choice of gray with black minimalist style, to catch a simple sandals, urban temperament juvenile Style to complete it! Flax shorts with wild striped shirt, to create youth comfortable and comfortable home wear it! Hit color weaving stitching sandals, fashion and comfort, especially the soles are woven at the end, wear well wear! Unique and stylish! Put on such a light jump, especially in the summer, after wearing people look young and vigorous. Have a magic stickers sandals, black wild color, the liberation of feet, fashionable essential wild sandals Oh! Soles light, lose a heavy sense, it's good to take your imagination, how to ride on how to take! But also you a fresh and clean sunny boy image! Let the girls puma sandals burst it! Oval toe design and water ripples outsole, and through the ankle parts of the shape to improve the comfort, but also increased the insole parts of the cushioning. Flat lace design adds streamline styling, more handsome! The upper side of the color and vamp of the background echo, brown both wild and will not look boring!

    Leather is the first layer of leather! The characteristics of leather is strong wear, value! Wearing a good ride is also very comfortable ~ shirt can be with the same color, harmonious and refined! Pants can be used with the front of the hole jeans or black jeans, excellent classic CP! The near-heeled dynamic support platform eliminates the sense of weight in the traditional interior design, providing you with just the right stability to achieve a smoother transition experience. This sandals also take into account the elements of fashion, so that you can also comfortable fashion day! Selection of the first layer of cowhide production, cortical thick and tough and resilient, strong recovery, do not have to worry about because of the forward and bring the folds, litchi pattern of the combination of technology, even more wear-resistant texture, insoles light breathable, Hot!

    2017-06-22 11:27:01
  • Take off your shoes and smell, what to save your embarrassing smelly feet

    You have not had such a situation, after the end of the exercise or finished a day after the class home, take off the shoes of the moment, smell a burst of strong smell! Even to the girlfriend or a friend's house, puma sneakers although the heat will be weak and weak to ask a shoe cover it? , And this embarrassing occasion often meet, even go out to eat a meal also have to consider again and again. Why is there a strange smell in the end? Many people have been the hat in the sweaty feet on the head, so sweat back for a long time the pot. But in fact the feet of bacteria in the sweat fermentation, and then boring in the high temperature of the shoes, of course, divergence can not describe the smell, so puma shoes sweat itself is no taste, but also see the choice of a pair of breathable shoes how important.

    As the shoe body is not breathable, the heat of the feet can not be a good distribution, resulting in bacteria and sweat fermentation, so produce odor. According to this point, we can choose in the sport when the mesh style sports shoes, in a slightly formal workplace can choose Lok Fu shoes, or simply choose sandals in their daily wear. To say breathable, presumably very few sports shoes can be comparable to knitted mesh surface. The use of delicate knitting lines, the feet of the heat distribution, so that the feet do not feel oppressed, modeling imitation fire in recent years, coconut shoes, with the tide up full. While the soft knit upper, so that different foot type will not feel the sense of oppression, the foot comfort is very high. Simple splicing upper to break the basic section of the boring, shoe body design sense even more in the serious workplace and daily can be freely converted between. Low to help the shoe body and elastic stitching surface so that the shoe body cooling system better, but also to give the foot more comfortable wearing space.

    Will be good to wear the style of music and music elements of the integration, that is, to create a more aesthetic and design sense of the shoe body modeling, but also greatly enhance the heat of the shoe body function. Compared with the sandals with the style, low-key shape can also be used in the workplace with casual suit pants. Do not look at it thick bottom, but the walk is very light, non-slip, very comfortable feet. Elastic with the elastic band with the design, so that shoes with more feet. Then use the dark black and refreshing mint green, one second to help you get rid of puma shoes for men the low to burst the pull the foot of the Han image. Of course, puma store there are certainly wearing sandals like clutching, as long as the material in the effort, clutching shoes can also reduce the smell. Such as the choice of like canvas and the like sweat and breathable material, to a certain extent, to solve this problem. Anti-suede Peas shoes, in the summer and then appropriate. Simple shoes, even if the foot board will be able to go, driving travel, the workplace are the best choice every day. At the same time, soft upper material breathable heat dissipation is very good, for the smelly feet family is very helpful! Mahjian soles on the one hand so that fisherman shoes light and breathable, the perfect inhibition of foot sweat fermentation problems, just to cope with the summer temperature fluctuations in the larger period, in addition to light breathable, knitted Obscure of the upper pattern, so that fisherman shoes into fashion There is no pressure! Thin straw mats travel without any negative feeling, coupled with the color of simple colors, in the summer to wear a better texture! With trousers, pants or casual shorts, handsome and neat, but also the proportion of the body type of modification is better, so that no pressure at the same time, travel more convenient!

    2017-06-21 11:22:29
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