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  • Stylish and comfortable in the heel, so better than high heels

    High heels to bring women elegant and charming, is the dream of every girl in mind, but wear more hate days will not adapt to the high, but also a long time to get leg disease. Therefore, the heel is also an inevitable trend of fashion, comfortable and stylish, no less than the beauty of high heels. Strong sense of glossy beige patent leather heel with the same color of the Slim dress to create elegant and charming results, thick and wearing more comfortable, suitable for commuting to the city of beauty. In the heels and bell-bottoms or wide leg pants can also crash out of the spark of fashion, white with a pair of shoes with the old bellows simple and elegant and modified legs. Classic generous design, solid paint with a pointed, highlight the professional women's capable temperament, just the height of the height, more solid, meticulous production process, a very daily, a variety of colors can be used, there is puma shoes always a suitable for you ~ Sexy straps wrapped around the feet, bold, but not too much puma slippers publicity, just good, playful tassels to join and tie the cool style, bring a little gentle and lovely. Retro square design, elegant atmosphere, simple and pure color velvet uppers, simple atmosphere, the upper decoration on the word broadband and retro round metal buckle, classic and not too rigid. Stylish and there is a trace of lively.

    The upper use of fine velvet fabric, soft breathable, ultra-filament inside, comfortable not fade, better care of the foot skin, rough heel, solid tired feet, fine paint side buckle metal texture, shiny, fashion is not Loss of atmosphere. Classic shoe last type, round head does not squeeze the foot, more feet small, puma sneakers high-end bright PU material, feel smooth, breathable and comfortable, soft leather, easy to wear off, wearing not tired feet, toe position stitching high-grade black cashmere fabric , Fashion trends, gestures exudes a professional women's capable temperament. Full of personality is not publicity of a single shoes, high quality leather material comfortable and breathable, shiny, retro square with a simple word with a stylish and stylish, easy to create a simple fashion simple shape, comfortable and breathable style, giving a Kind of lazy comfort, that is thin and bright, easy to create elegant feminine. In line with the foot of the curved curve of the last shape of the design, leisure is not tired foot, the upper material into the integration process cutting, elegant atmosphere, ankle tied with the bow that is to enhance the overall sense of fashion, but also for the whole shoe added Tim A sweet atmosphere, elegant and competent without losing the feminine.

    A little leather shoes, high-quality patent leather, delicate soft texture, highlights the foot of the arc, composite soft puma shoes for women rubber at the end, soft and comfortable and non-slip, square head designed to release enough space for the toe, breathless feet, and fashionable personality, beauty Full.

    2017-04-27 11:20:28
  • These are more sexy than high heels flat shoes, you want to wear it?

    For women may be most cheap puma shoes in love with high heels, that only it can let you wear clothing with the charm of exclusive woman, the overall upgrade your elegant temperament, but high heels also has its shortcomings, wear a long time will hurt the foot Ah, for some wear high heels will not walk the sister, is not even more miserable it? So for some want to become feminine sexy sexy, do not want to go to the process of wearing high heels, then Xiaobian give you several flat shoes, the same can wear high-heeled shoes sexy sexy, you are not particularly looking forward to What?

    Comfortable and wild in the heels, the unique square design, is not obvious feet, rivets and pearls to make the whole pair of shoes look more fashionable type, medium height, walking very comfortable, not tired Feet Oh! Square head of a loose belt with casual shoes, soles of the design of the stripes feel temperament, fashion flavor full. Loose cake under the long leg type, lace is very literary Fan. Simple wild, based on the clothing style can be coupled with the convenience of fashion. How to wear are not distressed and resistant to wear shoes, the end is the most wear-resistant raw rubber base, very very wearable, although there is no anti-skid pattern, but as long as there is no water is slippery new puma shoes ground is not slippery, Do a little detail, so that the soles look more texture, followed by a package around the natural latex, to prevent grinding feet, in order to maintain its soft feeling, which is used to do the upper dough, foot feel better Comfortable.

    Casual section of the shoes, sweet and lovely hair ball decoration, like people. Inside the selection of the first layer of pigskin, breathable and comfortable. Followed by the use of soft leather wrap, effectively prevent grinding heel. Sole with tendon material, free folding, easy to travel to carry. Very large Fan children a shallow mouth scoop shoes, square head plus large metal buckle buckle, simple is not simple. With a glossy texture of the silk fabric even more noble atmosphere, silky feeling and women's slender jade feet perfect match. Summer-style three-dimensional flowers, shiny shiny metal sequins to create, hand-decorated Dingzhu decoration, full of puma sale dazzling atmosphere, showing a romantic graceful temperament, elegant last type, low with the design, foot feeling relaxed and natural

    Wear more high heels, let your feet relax it, this simple flat shoes, foot feeling really super comfortable, matt upper, looks very texture, stepped on can be immediately restored, metal decoration Add a trace of fashion sense, and very wild Oh ~ College of the wind a fun shoes, cute little round design, coupled with large black bow decoration, casual sweet. Bright denim fiber material, easy to clean care. puma shoes for men Rubber thick with the material, comfortable wear, not tired feet.

    2017-04-26 11:21:27
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