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  • Summer wear what shoes? What shoes do you wear to work in the summer?

    Summer wear what shoes? What kind of shoes for office workers to wear in the summer, I think the most appropriate should be black leather shoes, a black shoes can make people look generous and elegant yet elegant, this black shoes can be high-heeled or medium, but Must be more appropriate with the point, with the choice is also more extensive, fine or thick with you can choose according new puma shoes for men puma shoes to the usual habit of wearing shoes, just wear comfortable. When talking about what shoes to wear during the summer business wear, it is important to emphasize that not all blacks can be worn as business wear shoes. When buying shoes, be sure not to expose the toes and heels. A kind of respect and courtesy of the guests, it is best to match with the flesh-colored stockings, so more formal. Because each person's job is different, what kind of puma store shoes to wear in the summer depends on what type of work they are doing. There are great differences in the choice of shoes between professional women and cleaners. The professional women can choose one. European and American sexy pointed heels with heels, the color does not need too dazzling type, and the cleaners and aunts are not the same, they have to wear some comfortable flat heels or wedges at work Black leather shoes will be convenient and comfortable at work.

    No matter how hot the summer is, we still have to go to work. Well, what kind of shoes to try on in the summer? Well, this interview does not require much before the formal work, as long as the air is comfortable and decent can be, but a little Special attention must puma running shoes be paid to leather shoes. What shoes to try in the summer can be used by the examiner to see how much a person attaches importance to the job, and to give the examiner a better impression of the job.

    2018-05-19 10:14:17
  • Can children wear canvas shoes? Can baby wear canvas shoes?

    With the popularity of retro elements, styles, novelty, and low-price canvas shoes are now popular among fashion youth. However, due to the design of the canvas shoe body is too soft, especially puma outlet the heel and midsole part is not thick enough, stability is not high, its colloidal soles less shock resistance, but will cause some harm to the body. During the development of adolescents, the ligaments of the plantar feet are easily pulled down by external forces, which tends to increase the tendency to form flat feet. Wearing too soft shoes can lead to overloaded ?of the arches and induce flat feet to occur. This medical expert reminds parents to be cautious when selecting shoes for children who are in puberty, because ages 4 to 14 are crucial for the growth of children's bones, joints, and ligaments. Once they wear unsuitable shoes, they will not only hinder their feet. Bone development also increases the chance of sprained ligaments.

    Parents should pay attention when choosing canvas shoes for their children:

    One must have a stiff heel cup to stabilize the heel, prevent the foot from swinging in the shoe, reducing sprains;

    Second, there must be an insole supported by the arch to relieve the fatigue of the arch and reduce the strain on the lower leg;

    The third is to choose according to width and width to prevent the forefoot from being too loose or too tight so that the foot is more comfortable. In addition, due to poor air permeability of canvas shoes, long-term wear, both feet will puma sale often be in a humid environment, it may cause sweat sores and eczema, or further infection of other skin diseases. Therefore, after wearing one day of canvas shoes, one should wear one day's other shoes and avoid canvas shoes as much as possible.

    Canvas shoes, two unsuitable

    1 bogey: canvas shoes can not be used as sports shoes

    Can: jog, skipping, broadcast gymnastics Can't: race, play basketball, play football

    Back shoes and canvas shoes are based on canvas-based rubber soles. The shoe body design is too soft and the shock absorbing function is poor, especially the heel cup and the bottom are not thick enough.

    If the student's script is relatively healthy (no problems with flat feet, high bow, etc.), he can wear general joggers, skipping ropes, and radio exercises that are not intense, but if he is involved in strenuous activities such as racing or playing basketball, It is not appropriate to play football. These need to often jump into the sport of skipping, not wearing professional sports shoes, will cause knee pain, ankle pain and other foot discomfort.

    2 bogey: There are flat feet do not wear canvas shoes

    Yes: Children without foot problems No: Children with flat feet

    From the point of view of foot development, children aged 0 to 4 years old all have 鈥渇alse flat puma outlet feet?because they have fat in the middle of their legs. This fat will gradually disappear with the development of the foot, 4 to 14-year-old is in the period of development of the foot, the child appears this stage of "flat feet" phenomenon is very common. Last year, a primary school in Yuexiu District, made a footprint analysis of 1282 students in the school. Test results showed that nearly 70% of students showed flat feet.

    Children suffering from flat feet should not wear canvas shoes, so as not to cause pressure on the arch position, so that the soft tissue and tendons of the foot damage; and is not conducive to the fixed heel, easy to follow with eversion, is not conducive to the development of the foot. Moreover, the insoles of the canvas shoes are not special and cannot relieve the sequelae of the flat foot. Long-term wear will deform the arch of the foot and may also form a structural flat foot.

    Suggested reminder:

    It's best not to wear a canvas shoe for many days, and don't wear it to exercise, as this may cause your foot to be injured. Good sports shoes should be light, torsional, shock-absorbing, non-slippery, sweat-absorbent and other functions, in addition to improving the performance of athletes, but also reduce the chance of sports injuries. The body of the canvas shoe is too soft, especially the heel and midsole parts are not thick enough, the stability is not high, and the colloidal sole is less shock-resistant, so puma slippers it is not appropriate to wear it to participate in strenuous exercise, such as playing basketball, playing football and so on. However, it is possible to wear canvas shoes properly for jogging and jumping ropes.

    In addition, the air permeability of canvas shoes is poor, and long-term wear will cause the feet to stay in a humid environment for a long time, which may cause sweat sores and eczema, or further infections of other skin diseases such as athlete's foot and erysipelas.

    2018-05-17 10:11:30
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