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  • No high-heeled, not comfortable

    In this world, even if there is no golden finger to join or change to Mary Sue, women can still conquer the world by themselves, and they can even win the admiration of the skirt. So don't be surprised. What she likes is understandable, including a sense of disobedience, puma sale height 172 and a height of 185. Even if there is no collection, it will be tempted by such beautiful and beautiful patterns. For women who love beautiful things, this is not difficult. Full of small flowers from spring to summer, and noble blue flowers, the high-heeled shoes of new puma shoes the fish's beak never fall. If you let the fish's beak to share your own success, the temptation of a slight open toe is bound to come. Hidden in net yarn, beading, and hollowness, the two-footed shyness can only glimpse the beauty of the little one. Thin belt around the ankle, plus the advantages of waterproof platform, walking effortlessly.

    It's not a good idea to be late! Taking advantage of pointed shoes, this fashion trend has not yet passed. Get ready for a pair of suitable shoes for this summer's own extra points. - Pure-color baggage, shallow mouth reveals toe seams, and punk-style rivets are rendered by candy colors. A girllike gentle puma slippers heart is revealed. Influential child style, the addition of animal pattern elements pointed sandals is an indispensable essential product number one. The strap-style ankle straps and the side double-empty design give maximum comfort and coolness to the feet, and the fine-plated heel allows the overall fashion to UP UP. Wear a high heel, put on a pair of slope with it. Rest assured that the puma sneakers altitude did not come down with you, and the thick muffin bottom style will absolutely make you rise like a flat ground. Simple design, with a bright color before and double buckle but has an extremely hooking line of sight. Fish mouth shoes have a special skill: if the rear is a thin belt, then it is summer; if the rear is packaged, then it is spring and summer. Yes, as a fish head shoe, hit the color? High-heeled? It must be so wild. Do you know what is the low-key BlingBling? Just like this, yes, rhinestones and silver contrast each other, walking in the sun also appears to be harmonious rather than blinking. Geometric mesh stitching, with a translucent heel, sandals can also be eye-catching.

    2018-04-18 10:25:08
  • Grandma shoes are not so tacky

    To say that this year's most popular shoes, grandma shoes will be indispensable, then how to match grandma shoes? Grandma shoes with what pants look good? Love Xiu Xiaobian teach you grandma shoes to wear it is not tacky! Do not think grandma shoes more difficult to match, in fact it is suitable for any outfit, such as this straight jeans, a little puma outlet rustic rolled straight trousers, coupled with grandma shoes, a little lazy feeling, but it feels very personal. Grandma shoes can also be worn with skirts. A personalized irregular skirt can be worn with slim or thin knit tops. Slim blouses are paired with a skirt of irregular length, accompanied by puma outlet a pair of well-worn grandma shoes. The red color is full of charm.

    Retro style in the past two years is really not the fire, the momentum of grandma shoes is even more popular! When you don know how to choose a fashionable pair of high-quality single shoes, choose randma shoes?will not make you regret it, no matter how you wear them are fashionable to fly, do not want to change to wear, immediately love on! Simple but very retro range of children's words buckle shallow mouth with grandma shoes, soft and comfortable high-quality leather, wearing a breathable and comfortable not hot, a word embellishment and vibrant yellow, whether it is with trousers or dress, are very Charm and charm! The girl with wide feet said that when wearing pointed shoes, the feet are puma store just like torture. The outside of the big toe is often worn and blisters. However, the slightly loose round toe of grandma shoes has a high degree of comfort. Grandma's shoe height is very suitable for ergonomics, the average sister can easily control, for the grandmother howling shoes? grandmother can walk up and fly like ah ~

    2018-04-16 10:30:43
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