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  • Heavenly! This pair of legs are thick shoes and return?

    This two years, although the shoes have been in a hot state, but rarely seen to wear high-end sports shoes girls. I believe we are high taboo shoes, most of them because it will be short legs, legs thick. So, puma sneakers in the face of this year and return it, how should we wear a different feeling? High to help sports shoes has always been a fashion with the main, but want to use it freely, but it is not easy. So, Xiaoxi for everyone to sum up a number of modern methods to "save" high to help sports shoes. First of all we must be clear that not all high-top sports shoes will only let you expose the shortcomings. Choose the style, high to help sports shoes or can make you fashionable up!

    High shoes is easy to give people left "bulky, not smart" impression, so we want to avoid the upper is too thick style. Lightweight breathable canvas high to help sports shoes can resolve this heavy feeling, no longer make your feet look particularly heavy. Although the high to help sports shoes can highlight the personality, but "Zhang Yang too far" is not good.

    The traditional high-top shoes will be completely wrapped around the ankle, the legs are not long enough girls suffer. Want to improve this situation, may wish to try "half high to help" style, ankle digging low design can properly exposed, looks a lot of light. High-heeled shoes and daily wear of the ankle jeans is a perfect match, regardless of the legs rolled up or burr design, as long as the exposed ankle, it is out of color BF high shoes can also adapt to the shape of the ladies, with a T-shirt or knitting Skirt can meet all your comfort requirements. If the formal occasions, with some jewelry or fine bag can be.

    Similarly, the art of fresh pleated skirt also applies this with the law. There is a contrast, only to see you with the skill! High shoes in the tight pants under the screen will become the lower body focus, and abide by the principle of minimalist. Whether it is in the gym or out of activities, all occasions can be arbitrarily switched. The use of high-heeled shoes as the focus of modeling, with lace with socks or solid socks will be mashup in the end. This season's most popular personality fishing net socks are also worth a try, do not miss this hot trend!

    2017-03-23 13:49:14
  • Shoes with socks level rich up it

    Feet in addition to a pair of fashionable eye-catching shoes, a pair of eye-catching socks can not be ignored. Especially to wear more shoes, occasionally feel very monotonous, and small series in order to be able to match a different style, but the collection of dozens of pairs of short socks too! This time to see how to match, and what tips it! This year there is a small accessories you can not ignore, that is socks; we can see from the stand a lot of modeling, with socks as a clever and style of the combination, especially high heels with socks wear method, but also It is not new, but do not just read, this season you should be able to accept it, put it on.

    Regardless of high heels style, with the type, in fact, are very suitable to catch the socks, before most of the law is the basic basic high heels, but this season you can find, even if there is no cover, or retro ankle Style, to catch the socks are as feasible, and the length of the socks are not a certain, long knee or socks, can bring a different flavor, in short, is the courage to try on the right.

    Before a while is very popular with white socks, but this year instead of strange socks section of the head, decorated with three-dimensional decorative socks, or very romantic lace material, and especially the mesh of the hollow style is a big red, almost no socks original function It is a pleasing vase. Quite a lot of people think that this is a very old match, do not take But in the early years, sandals with socks began to pop up, making sandals no longer monotonous. Xiaobian referral we can choose the same color socks, not only have the effect of elongated feet, while it does not look a mess, or can choose sports socks, add vitality.

    In order to create a fresh atmosphere, you can match the plain socks, or above a little bit of simple lines to enhance the level of the entire shape, while not making people feel visually chaotic or monotonous. Casual shoes and socks matching restrictions are relatively small, choose a little exaggerated pattern pattern. But the focus of course, there are, I will be based on the color of the shoes, to determine puma sneakers the color of socks, to avoid the feeling of the lower body is very heavy. Or, if the upper body of the clothes more concise, you can boldly choose some colorful socks.

    I believe that wearing socks, and then wear ankle boots are not many people. Ankle boots original fashion sense has been very high, a kind of cold atmosphere, but when you add socks, it will emit another kind of approachable youthfulness, showing a new personality. Whether it is wearing a neutral Oxford shoes, or feminine high heels, can have different from the general socks eye-catching style, socks, the back seam is a thin line, reminiscent of the past era of stockings, beautiful nostalgic flavor , Start!

    2017-03-23 13:42:31
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