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  • what? Beauty standard is to see the foot? Do you agree with that?

    Beauty features are the same, that is, two points. This is also beautiful, it is also beautiful! Haha, a joke. Out of the face, the legs, the United States and the eye to attract the big face beyond the face of the momentum of the body, and sharp-eyed friends found many beautiful stars are wearing Greek feet, then the question came, what is the Greek foot? Does the beauty have Greek feet? Greek feet are characterized by: refers to the longest second toe, the length of the difference between the toes, the transition is smooth. Greek foot more common in the Greek sculpture, has been considered the most consistent with the traditional European aesthetic, from Venus to the statue of the Statue of Liberty are so, most of the world's shoes designed according to the Greek foot into the middle of the most prominent look. Greek feet more beautiful woman's argument may be derived from the above aesthetic. This kind of aesthetic do you agree? Egyptian foot characteristics is the first toe longest, is the most common, medical point of view is the most practical foot type. Who have this type of foot almost what type of shoes can wear Oh, pointed shoes is easy to control it!

    Classic single shoes style is very engaging, Ling Ge design elegant atmosphere, the tip is very ladies Fan reflects the spring of a necessary shoes, you have bought it? Retro dark green is very artistic elegance, coupled with the embellishment of the bow, with a sweet feeling, flat very good to wear, how to go are comfortable one. Classic and elegant style how to wear, but 5cm of the heel just not too tired, and no matter what color can cope with various occasions! Well worthy of the wild king! Roman feet of the first toe and the second toe basic long, also known as square feet, relatively rare. Have the conditions to dance ballet, and can choose more shoes, but round shoes or square shoes will be more comfortable Oh! Fashion retro small new puma shoes shoes, black is very wild, a little bit of Britain in the inside. Round shoes is really very easy to wear, shoelace design a bit cool feeling, a little bit with a small small meter Oh! Very Fan of a, in the daily wear on those fine with high heels feel more and more difficult to control it, as for the double fashion beauty can be with the fine high-heel against the shoes with the shoes it! Fashionable and easy to wear, serve two purposes

    Greek feet is the beauty of our feet, the second toe the longest, the length of each toe is not much difference, smooth transition. If you have Greek feet, maybe it will be beautiful. However, due to the pressure of the body will focus on the puma sneakers two toes, so please choose half of the number of comfortable shoes, or use the correct insoles to ease the effect. Ultra-white small white shoes, fashion version of the type allows you to always enjoy the full of graceful style, not only to puma shoes for women give comfortable wearing experience, but also to give bare feet of comfort, warm and gentle care of your feet always enjoy! Everyone has a small white shoes, so wear only stars Fan children! Every day to wear small white shoes because it saves 10,000 kinds of small white shoes with almost from last year's fire to the present, from the star to the fashion bloggers almost everyone There is a pair of small white shoes, regardless of the season, small white shoes is always so fashionable ride, of course, it can also make you easily become the focus, warm dad immediately tell you how to wear a small white shoes and stylish!

    2017-04-25 11:27:39
  • Do you remember the rain boots of those years?

    Ancient rain boots also called water, mostly to clog type-based, set in the shoes outside, like a slippers like to wear. The cost of wooden rain boots is not high, suitable for ordinary people. Easy to wear, suitable for the rainy weather in the south. Officers of the rain boots on the senior, and their upper with leather sewing, soles are layers of wood, the back with a layer of iron wrapped, there are nails inlaid on the top. But this is not a lot of people remember the rain boots. In the impression of many people, the rain is a distant memory, but in fact the rain has been never far away. Rain boots are quietly into the ranks of fashion. cheap puma shoes In the windbreaker, bags, shoes and other traditional series, but also start the rain boots. From the boots to high boots, with a variety of classical or modern colors and patterns, very beautiful and attractive. New rain boots puma sandals puma store are not only prepared for the rain, but also for the fashionable women brought new highlights. Then we have to look at these free out of our memory of the rain boots it! Really from childhood memories out of the public brand, fashion simple design style, using injection molding process, do not fade, do not change color, non-slip rubber soles, let us out of memory. Intimate removable cashmere design, the four seasons are suitable for sunny weather Oh! Absolutely girl thinking of the shoes, the combination of warm colors and hello kity cute picture, so that the whole pair of shoes look warm and romantic, so that the little girl's mind is absolutely bursting Oh, and with yo parent-child models, but also very suitable for mother and daughter together Show Oh! Of course, as the most basic anti-skid rain boots is not the words of the.

    The use of high-quality natural rubber from Southeast Asia's rain boots, hand-made to form a unique, personalized skills, the whole pair of shoes fashion, the atmosphere. Shoes with a rubber outsole, with excellent anti-skid, thick heel, as well as the role of increased significantly thin Oh! Fashion leucorrhea appearance design, regardless of going out to play or work life, can provide comfortable and easy foot experience. Natural and environmentally friendly rubber material, waterproof breathable, so you can walk in the rain free, so you can also dawn in the rain! A tassel with a rain boots, a strong British retro atmosphere, so that fashion in the jump in the classic precipitation. The whole pair of shoes using ergonomic design, wearing comfortable, healthy not tired feet, so you can also easily in the rain show your beauty! Simple and stylish style, crisp arc, high-quality texture, refined show you, so you can be an elegant woman in the rainy day. Shoes with the upper material, excellent anti-skid waterproof performance, comfortable feet always comfortable.

    2017-04-24 11:26:59
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