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  • The elegance of pointed shoes, only those who pass through can understand

    In the summer, this lovable and hated little goblin came again. In order to spend this lovely summer, puma sneakers there aren't many how to use pointed shoes. When it comes to pointed shoes, you have to mention it. Elegance, its intellectuality, and its charmingness make the whole person feel a little more temperament. With feminine pointed shoes, only passing talents will appreciate its beauty. puma shoes In the hot summer season, both the star supermodel and the street shooter have exposed their feet and chose the sharpest pointed shoes. The design of colour matching highlights the temperament of the entire person. Elegant and chic. The perfect combination. The design of the bow made the whole shoe a little more playful and lovely. After being accompanied by a pointed head, it was mixed with a bit of intellectual elegance. In order to set off the feeling of the entire shoe, flat shoes were chosen. Gao Mei also liked it. of. When it comes to rough heel shoes, we love its elegance, we love its comfort, we love its charm, the classic pointed heel shoes with a full of temperament colors, delicate rivets embellish the entire shoe body, think Not shining in the crowd will not work.

    At first glance, when you see this pair of shoes, there is a kind of heart-feeling feeling. The suede shoes are a little more special in the summer, and the classic pointed shallow mouth style gives the whole shoe a little more temperament. It's most puma sneakers suitable for such a perfect shoe to be elegant. This is a high-sister, low-sister can Hold live shoes, although heels, but the heel is very stable, walking will not have a feeling of discomfort, a small pair of shoes will rivets, straps, tips and other fusion It's perfect. Comfortable flat shoes have always been a common item in the street beat LOOK, and the wild, good wear is its advantages, coupled with the classic pointed design, a little more charming little woman, gentle water color Give you the feeling of first love. The hot cat and heel shoes have been sought after by many people since they were listed on the market. Whether it is a banquet or a concave shape, puma outlet it is a good choice. The sweet bow is the crowning touch. You need a pair of elegant and pointed shoes. Shows fashion taste.

    2018-03-23 10:24:12
  • In summer, you need a pair of cheap and eye-catching sandals

    In this scorching summer day, in order to liberate your feet, naturally a pair of sandals is a natural companion. The style of sandals is becoming more and more diverse. Select a pair of comfortable sandals, whether it is with a long skirt or shorts can be relaxed. Out of the street, but the cool girls are not difficult to choose sandals, easy to rough leather sandals can be regarded as the summer goddess must go out, a comfortable height to take the road is not so tired, so by the sister The love of paper. The strappy style sandals are full of personality style, and the style is also very wild, so you can easily get out of the street. Muffin bottom style sandals are also very popular, both increased but not too tired to wear, slim skin effect is super. Classic minimalist style Roman puma shoes sandals, superb craftsmanship to create more smooth lines, beautiful aesthetic, special muted thick to give you a vegetarian experience, wear-resistant rubber sole soft and non-slip, style wild and stylish Oh!

    Fashionable buckle with Roman sandals is very British style, use of superfine fiber soft and comfortable feel very good, comfortable and elegant appearance increases the atmosphere, the trend of the buckle Roman sandals, feel free to wear out to put on the street. The classic minimalist vintage Roman sandals are full of literary sensibility. The personalized bandage design is full of sense of style. The diamond-encrusted elements puma sneakers add premium quality. The fabric is made of fine fibers to create a comfortable and soft look. The style is extremely wild fashion! The classic and stylish black design style is the essential summer sandals for the elegant sexy goddess! Intimate height gives you a comfortable wearing experience. The mysterious high-cold style is provided by it. It is a classic style of a variety of sandals. All-match style summer Roman daily sandals style really super popular, puma store simple and simple design most eye-catching, fabric selection of puma shoes for men microfiber to create, soft and comfortable and more wear-resistant. Fashionable Roman shoes you deserve. The classic simple slope sandals are summer goddess kill artifacts, use high-quality materials to create elastic super tired feet, simple design show elegant queen fan, fine line personality claims fashion sandals show trend fashion, fish mouth open toe Sandals are cool and more fashionable, and the texture of fine cashmere uppers is even more noticeable. The ultra-high waterproof platform design and wear-resistant sole material are super-slip and waterproof.

    2018-03-21 10:30:47
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